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    Corona, California
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    Battlefield 4, shooting guns, computers and technology.
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    Served in the GKLM "Great Kentucky Louisville Mission" 09-11. Attending Santa Ana College. Vice president of LDSG steam group.
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    Tech and customer service rep at Farmer's Insurance
  1. (LDSG) Robster

    (Ldsg) Robster New To Mob

    Hey Prynce I saw ur other posts for STO. Do u think I could get a fleet invite?
  2. (LDSG) Robster

    Going To Give Sto A Try.

    I just made an account my name is Robster and I think my contact code is Robster@ldsgrobster. I want to join a fleet or group or friend. Also I'm a complete noob to STO.
  3. (LDSG) Robster

    (Ldsg) Robster New To Mob

    awesome! Ive been wanting to try out dungeons
  4. (LDSG) Robster

    (Ldsg) Robster New To Mob

    Thx for the offer. I have no doubt i'll take you up on it.
  5. (LDSG) Robster

    (Ldsg) Robster New To Mob

    @ Ordin yes ill chat with the other admins about Mob. thx for the welcomes
  6. (LDSG) Robster

    (Ldsg) Robster New To Mob

    @ Nikkala absolutely friend me on steam or leave a comment on my profile and i'll send u an invite. Crom sent me a guild invite its awesome being in Mob.
  7. (LDSG) Robster

    (Ldsg) Robster New To Mob

    Hi everyone i'm Robster from LDS Gamers steam group (LDSG) http://steamcommunity.com/groups/LDSGamers . I play Guildwars 2 and battlefield 3 often and many other FPS games. I'm an RM and 23 years old. Steam page: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ldsgrobster Origin Profile name: RobsterMiller Guildwars 2 character name: LDSG Robster