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    Eu Members?

    Thanks for the Welcome on Friday night and very much thanks to Sparks for allowing me to visit ) I had a good time getting to chat to a few of you on Mumble. I did some WvW with a few of you and went to Jormag, both were good experiences although Jormag was a lag fest but I believe that is the same everywhere atm. I'm still not 100% decided on Moving to Yaks, mainly because I found out that another guy in my Ward had finally started playing so I will try to join in with him in game and see what that is like. again, thanks for the welcome and hope to stay in touch with you, hopefully I'll figure things out over the next week or two. cheers, Jared
  2. thebrazza

    Eu Members?

    Thanks for all the replies! Would it be possible for someone to send me an invite so I can gage how many are on when I'm on etc. Also what are you guys like for WvW, as a guild and Server? not bothered about how good anyone is but more the fun factor. I appreciate any answer's I receive, just trying to make an educated decision ;O) it costs 1800 gems to transfer to most of the NA servers, which is allot . Anyways, hope you all are having a good day! cheers, Jared
  3. thebrazza

    Eu Members?

    Small world!, I live in Cheltenham ) (next door to Glouscester) so if you were a member of the Church I then I probably know everyone you used to know ;O) I'll look into the time differences and see how we match up. If I get to play it'll usually be somewhere between 8-12am during the week or 9-2am on a Friday ^^ (for WvW reset!)
  4. thebrazza

    Eu Members?

    Hi all, My name is Jared, I'm thinking of joining up with you guys on Yak's Bend (if that's where you are). I currently play over on an EU server (Gunnar's Hold). I live in England, I'm 30 (almost 31 ) and a father of 2. I play GW2 when I have "free" time and it would be nice to play with people with the same values/believes etc. So my question is, what time zone are most of in and are there any EU guildies?. my only concern about joining up really is the time difference! Anyways, let me know Feel free to add me in game, thebrazza.1679 thanks for looking! cheers, Jared