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  1. Sylvrin

    Ac Explorable

    Just a quick tip for the ghost path (path 2) that will save chain pullers a lot of grief and distraction if all does not go perfectly as planned. Have chain pullers run up the stairs above the chain pillars, then jump down to the pillars so they are standing on top of the pillars before talking to the charr npc to activate this sequence. This way if any of the gravelings manage to sneak past the spikes, they cannot touch the chain pullers at all and keeps everyone 100% safe through the entire thing. Before knowing this trick I found myself dieing occasionally to stray gravelings or being distracted from chain pulling duties to defend myself. Doing it this way makes it a piece of cake.
  2. Sylvrin

    Anyone Else?

    As requested in our guild message of the day here are my fractal levels at the moment: Serene Sheridan lvl 80 human guardian is at Fractal level 2 Vayle Swiftwind lvl 80 norn ranger is at Fractal level 1 I find that when I get into a fractal group I rarely get to stay until I reach the next level due to real life interruptions. Hopefully this will get better after the holidays.
  3. Sylvrin

    Looking For Other Mormons To Play Gw2 With!

    Thanks so much for your warmth and friendly welcomes. I had a blast running CoE the other night and chatting with you all on Mumble. I still have a 2 day wait before I can transfer, but will be on Yak's Bend with you all by this weekend for sure. I spoke with my son and he's excited about making the move as well, although I haven't convinced him to download and set up Mumble yet. He's been leveling quickly and his Norn warrior is already level 40 after starting less than a week ago.
  4. Sylvrin

    Looking For Other Mormons To Play Gw2 With!

    Thanks for the warm welcome I look forward to meeting you all and having some fun in game.
  5. HI there fellow Mormon GW2 players! I'm a 58 year-old grandma who has enjoyed online MMO gaming since the time such games were only text-based MUDS. I love GW2 and have been playing since beta. I've played Star Wars Galaxies, Everquest 2, Perfect World International, Runes of Magic, a little bit of WoW, Rift, Guild Wars, and now Guild Wars 2. I probably play more than I should (yes I will get my visiting teaching done this month) One thing I have always struggled with is finding a guild I can relate to and not fear being subjected to filthy language in guild chat and/or voice coms. And players who understand what it means when I say I have to take a short break for family scriptures and prayers.That always gets a "huh?" So I started my own guild in GW2, which only consists of myself and my son at the moment and I am finding recruiting to be something I am not very good at. I wish I had googled to find you guys sooner. I created a guild website at cresthaven.enjin.com where I also wrote up a code of conduct for anyone who would join my guild, and if you read it you will see that I have embraced the same code you have at Mormon Batallion with some slight modification in wording. I currently play on Blackgate Server where my son just recently started playing. In order to play with him, I just transfered from Tarnished Coast a few days ago, so it will be a few more days before I can transfer again. I'm sure he would be happy to transfer with me to Yak's Bend when we can. I have another son who has been playing on Tarnished Coast, but who has not been actively playing recently due to family obligations and an affinity for MInecraft. If he does become active at GW2 again, I know he would love to play with a Mormon guild as well. My GW2 account is Sylvrin.4325 and my son is Rage.9618. If you find us accpetable please shoot us an invite to MoB and we'll transfer to Yak's Bend at the earliest opportunity.