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  1. Synsilon

    Pretty Sweet Gw2 Event Map

    Argos Soft has this cool little map in beta, it's looking pretty cool. It seems to have every event on it, and if you mouse over the pluses at the bottom, you can see all poi's, vistas, waypoints, hearts and skill points. No more running around looking for events for dailies!
  2. Synsilon

    Its Coming Back!

    That's pretty cool, I wish I'd saved the baubles. The addition of ascended weapons is pretty exciting too! Who wants to help me get one?
  3. Synsilon

    Guild Activity Ideas

    MoB the high zones! basically we all take lowbies, about say, level 5 (perhaps a bit higher), and try to level them up as fast as possible in a level, i dunno, 80 zone (perhaps a bit lower). Death disqualifies you and your level is counted there (along with experience in your xp bar), once everyone's dead, we find out who leveled up the most! In case of exact ties, it would be a race to level up the first. Other rules: no crafting! Only mapping, events and hearts and kills and such.
  4. Synsilon

    Whats Your In Game Goal?

    My goal is full exotic power/toughness/vitality armor for my asuran. That means tons of WvWvW and HotW and AC! I'm also looking for the perfect guardian build... a sort of survival paladin build; if you have any ideas, I'd love to hear them!
  5. gw2stuff.com has a beta overlay for their event timer! It's really cool and works. There are some bugs, of course but it's still much nicer than having to open your browser. http://us.gw2stuff.com/overlay
  6. When you ask kids what class they're going to grow up to be When you wonder why your cooking discoveries cause debuffs When you wonder why you're not taking damage from you confusion on a test When you ask Chuck Norris for his build When you watch "The Last Airbender" and wonder why Aang's dolyak can fly When you buy only Cherry Poptarts because they have the best magic find buff When you ask the guy at the superstore where they keep their omnomberries When you try to find the guy who can reset your talents When you wonder what that big yellow thing in the sky is When you make a "you know you've been playing too much guild wars 2 when..." list during class
  7. I am also mortal, (and also love a good laugh). I have been playing this game since December (last December, not this next one), and I've finally gotten around to posting in these forums. I have a joint account with my Bro. who names all his characters Scorncob: e.g. Scorncob, Scorncob the Third. etc. I play a level 80 guardian named Synsilon, and love it, and I'm usually just waiting for something to happen, so if you need help, feel free to ask. Most Sincerely, the Mostly Mortal Synsilon.
  8. Synsilon

    Gw2- Player Tags

    Hey everyone! I have been playing for a while, but I thought I might as well post here. I have a joint account with my brother, I play mostly but he sometimes plays to. So...: ME: >Synsilon.8074 >Synsilon >Guardian Brother: >Scorncob (or any variation of it) >Warrior
  9. When you think "Black Box" is a noob reference to a Black Lion Chest. When you save your ice cream so you can get lots of Karma later. When you wonder why, after cooking dinner, you haven't leveled up your crafting level. When you look for toughness and vitality on your new sweatshirt. When you wonder why your hundred copper pennies don't turn into a silver. When your phone ring plays the Guild Wars 2 Theme song. When you wonder where all the charr are. When you're afraid to touch animals for fear that they will become hostile. When you wonder if your basement is a new dungeon. When you start a petition to save Caledon Forest. When you think Ebay is a secret website for Ehmry Bay people. When you watch Harry Potter and see Doby, you think "Hey! An Asuran!" When you wonder why more Norns don't play basketball.