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  1. Jaerlath

    WoW Classic

    Hi Cor! Was playing Retail, but I can switch to classic. I’ll create a character on Westfall this week. What’s your toons name? Who is still around on Vek’nilash that I can get an invite to the guild? Was leveling up my old main Jaetlath and Alt Kassiea.
  2. Jaerlath

    WoW Classic

    I started playing again this month. So much has changed. Are there any guilds (Alliance or Horde) still alive that I can rejoin?
  3. Jaerlath

    Sendai Japan

    Church moving the missionaries in Sendai and Tokyo because of the danger of the radiation. There is some info on my mission alumni site here Japan Sendai Mission Alumni Website
  4. Jaerlath

    Sendai Japan

    Hey MoB, I served my mission in Sendai Japan. My old stomping grounds was just north of the airport. Rode by it on the train alot on the way to Iwanuma. Anyway, please pray for the members and everyone there, the place is a mess. All the missionaries are safe now... Jaer
  5. Jaerlath

    Hello Fellow Wow'ers

    Welcome! I play on both horde and alliance guilds. Look forward to seeing you guys in game.
  6. Jaerlath

    Lich King And Hallion

    Gratz K and A! Great group with PoA.
  7. Jaerlath


    Again, it's totally dependant on what the class has to offer and how the spells play against the other classes. As Brock said, Pali and Hunters may not be good because Blizzard doesn't balance the classes for PVP well, Pali ret is jacked and hunters have that focus. In BC, restore druids were the bomb, in Lich druids are pretty meh, feral kitty dps is too complex for the quick nature of fights (takes way to long for our bleeds to have an affect because the fight can be over in a minute), restore is out now given the high dps all the classes have, I'd say moonkin fairs well, but isn't supreme. For arena, a team my have one healer, and that's about it and remember it depends on the team type too. 2X2s cater to different classes than 3X3s and even 5X5s. I could see a hunter in 5s, 3 you may find a couple and 2 probably not. As far as priests go, your heals will be discipline base more than holy becaue of pain surpression and the other strong survival talents. In arena, if you are the healer, you'll mostly likely be the first target so learning to survive is important. Again Priest are a great PVP class, heals or dps, in fact I laughed watching a Priest carry the WSG flag recently better than any of the plate wearers. They really rock atm, but that could change in the next expansion. Also, you can check the rankings of the top teams that play professionally. You'll see it's about skill at your class and how it melds with the other classes. I will say that if you plan to level a hunter or any one else in Cata, unless you can level him/her quick, you'll miss the first round of arena. Also, keep in mind that in the past the arena points given at lower levels were miniscule compared to the honor points at 80. Maybe that's changed with the new system. But sadly, the gear at 80 cost almost 10 times as much lower levels. Hopefully, they have another WG-like offering for gear. It levels the playing field faster than in the old days. I might be interested in arena, depending on our group and whether my current classes work well in it. We could sample the two guilds for other players interested too as Cata becomes available and everyone has hit 85.
  8. Jaerlath


    Professions are minor to gear, enchants, and learning to play your class. Maybe Alchemy might be nice for say a non healer, but overall Engineering is just a gimmack in PVP. If it works great, but most players will stick with their class strengths. Mining is a toss up as JC and enchanting have the stamina boost if you need it plus the option to change to another stat once you have a comfortable health pool. Classes come and go with PVP and what works in BC, didn't in Lich and may not in Cata. I played hunter in PVP. You should expect to get LoS all the time, meleers know that's your weakness and will force you to come to them. You really need to know your class and the best way to learn in my opinion is PVP. You see the class's weaknesses and learn to utilize the strengths in an unpredictable enviroment. Arena and BGs are totally different birds. I think BGs are more forgiving as you have more players that can help/save you. Arena is pure skill and coordination with your partner and captilizing on the other teams weak spots while trying not to get burned by your own. The classes that seem to have staying power in arena are Mages and Priests. Again it's player specific and if you can play your classe extremely well, you may be in the top teams, but those two classes will probably be in the upper eschalions most of the time. I think the best thing you can do is to PVP all the time and learn players and classes styles. You can't see that in PVE. This will teach you what spells each class has and learn how to counter/avoid them if possible or survive them. Crowd control is huge and you should learn to utilize your class/spec and avoid the enemy.'s On Veknilash BGs, I find that Alliance is descent at AV and EoTS. WSG is team dependent and I've yet to see many Ally teams that were successful at AB. The que's can vary, but aren't too bad. I'd suggest finding a partner (different class or spec) to team up with and try holding a node in a BG and learn to play together if you want to hit the arenas. The arenas can be brutal to the undergeared and unknowledged. Lastly, the PVPers now are stockpiling their honor so they will be maxxed out for Cata. You should do the same so that when the new gear hits, you can start purchasing a few critical pieces (it will give you a slight advantage to those still earning honor). If I'm on let me know and I can bring either my shammy or druid to BG with you and we can bum around a node.
  9. Dwarves and humans, night elves and draenai, worgens and gnomes, and members of the Alliance Latter Deis Sanctus: I would like to take this opportunity to thank three fabulous officers. Krystalyne, our glorious guild leader, Arucic and Shaibella, both noble officers, have stepped down from their leadership positions. I can't say enough about them in their efforts to help the cause of our guild. Each has served us well. I know them personally from my tenure as a former guild leader and saw the countless hours each logged in for us both online and offline to make my job easier and to help each of you. I hope everyone takes an opportunity to thank them personally, because they deserve it. I would also like to announce that Corranas will be serving as the new guild leader. I will be serving as his first mate. Basically, this will be a co-guild leadership. This something that we did before successfully and both feel it's the best way the both of us can serve the guild right now. Essentially, if there are any issues or needs, your welcome to contact either Cor or I. We are in close communication so what is said to one, is said to the other. As leaders, we both have to goal to have a fun casual guild and if anyone needs anything please let us know in game or on the website. Looking forward to seeing you in game and tear it up in Cata! Jaerlath
  10. Jaerlath

    The King Is Dead

    Grtz Horde. Nice work!
  11. Jaerlath

    Wow Community Site

    The new WOW community site looks interesting... http://us.battle.net/wow/en/
  12. Jaerlath

    How To Stop Drinking Soda

    Chris I applaud your success. I think we all have our little food addictions (I really don't like that word, but can't think of another) that we could kick. Keep it up!
  13. Jaerlath

    Favorite Class And Spec

    I'm a big hybrid fan. I leveled a hunter in Vanilla. Loved the play, but in the end I liked playing the utilty spec of Survival back in BC. So for me it was a dream to play a druid at end game in BC, lots of utility, tanks, heals, dps...with dual spec in Lich, it's a no brainer. I've played shammy (shammy has really changed for the better) and druid at 80, although, I will say I'm really digging the palidan class, but I'm a ways off from seeing end game on that class, Druid is my final answer.
  14. Jaerlath

    A Whole New World

    Thanks Arucic!
  15. Jaerlath

    Alliance Guild Information

    You certainly can ask for help and many in the guild many will help out. I've found that with the new Dungeon Finding System the easiest way to level is running instances. You all also get great gear to boot. The only downside is you miss a lot of lore content.