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  1. Lady Brisinger


    This makes me sad.
  2. Lady Brisinger


    Normally Friday's work well for me. This week I will be busy.
  3. Lady Brisinger

    Zephyrus/house Solidor

    Welcome to MoB!
  4. Lady Brisinger

    From The Desk Of Striker!

    no, but you can keep using that emote. I find it disturbingly funny.
  5. Lady Brisinger

    From The Desk Of Striker!

    You for mumble! FYI, I won't be on much until after thanksgiving.
  6. Lady Brisinger

    [Video] Guild Hall Mission

    This was a lot of fun. Thanks Roon & Kev for leading the attack.
  7. Lady Brisinger

    Lost Permissions

    So, this is still the case, any ideas why? Also, the site oftentimes decides that there are new posts in forums where no new posts exist.
  8. Lady Brisinger

    I Am New

    There's a decent group that plays. Many of us who stopped have come back in anticipation of the expansion.
  9. Lady Brisinger


    No, I haven't laid a finger on you since college! And that doesn't count because I was starving.
  10. Lady Brisinger

    Hot Beta Weekend 2

    I got on my normal mesmer last night & was having trouble with not having sword sheild as an option. I had so much fun with the chronomancer once I figured it out. But I have a question: if I remember correctly, specializations are supposed to make for more unique builds. With only 1 specialization per class I don't see that happening. Are they planning additional specializations for each class?
  11. Lady Brisinger

    Hot Beta Weekend 2

    I haven't figured the revenaut out yet, but I've played most of the specializations & enjoyed them all. The elementalist's over load thing is fun and who doesn't like adding fire to a warrior.
  12. Lady Brisinger


    He's a college friend of mine, so of course I got him an invite! Welcome to the MoB Grozkar!
  13. Lady Brisinger

    Hot Beta Weekend 2

    This coming weekend is the second beta test for Heart of Thorns. Who will be there?
  14. Lady Brisinger

    Brisinger Is Back!

    Hi everyone! I got in game over the weekend for the first time in what seems like forever. I also prepurchased the expansion. I'm supper excited about new content.
  15. Lady Brisinger

    Awesomesauce 2.0

    Sigh, I have to travel for work. No more Guild Wars 2 for a while.