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  1. MrClockmakerSir

    Best Single Books (Not Part Of A Series) You've Read?

    If you want a curiously creative spin on this age old story, you might try Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge. Not what I typically enjoy, but I liked it nonetheless. Not remotely predictable beyond what is written on the jacket.
  2. MrClockmakerSir

    Best Single Books (Not Part Of A Series) You've Read?

    I really appreciate all the replies. Let me add another couple books I have enjoyed recently to the list here. The Vindico by Wesley King is well done. He has written one follow up book titled The Feros. These are young adult books from a content (and topic) standpoint, but I really enjoyed reading them. I have been able to get my hands on some good reads, and it looks like I've got enough books lined up now to last me a couple months. I did end up jumping into a few different series once I learned how utilize all of my local library's tools to access each of the books. I cannot wait to begin Fishers of Men by Gerald Lund. I've got that entire trilogy waiting for me to pick up later this week at the library. After I read those I will finish the Light of Eidon series, as suggested here, and then I'll be tied up in percy jackson books for the rest of the summer. I have a few other stand alone books to throw in here and there as well if the chance arises. Thanks again for all your input. I'll continue to keep an eye on things here.
  3. MrClockmakerSir

    Best Single Books (Not Part Of A Series) You've Read?

    Atypical fantasy according to me: Original thought. Not a Tolkien rip off (orcs, gnomes, goblins, dwarves, elves, etc). Not standard dragons and magic (don't get me wrong, I love stories of dragons and magic, but there needs to be something HIGHLY unique about it). Not overflowing with useless detail. I like a story that is well told with compelling characters and great dialogue.
  4. I didn't think I'd have a reason to log back in here again, but I find myself in need of help, and some of you folks are acutely qualified to assist me. I do not play computer games any longer, and have no desire to change that. I tend to pick up a new hobby every year (last year i was bad and did 2 - PVC archery and baking mini cheesecakes), and this year I decided that in the interest of NOT spending any money (which I don't have any of) I would utilize the resources of my local library and read. I have made a list of books you all have recommended from the two earlier threads, but I found one recurring theme with that list: most things listed were part of a series. So my question is what SPECIFIC books have you enjoyed that WERE NOT part of a series? I am looking for clean reads; something that would be PG-13 if it were a movie would likely push my tolerance over the edge. I enjoy many genres of writing, particularly atypical fantasy, historical fiction, some sci-fi (as long as it isn't highly theoretical or flooded with elitist academic jargon), and humorous works dripping with sarcasm, good-natured teasing, and witty banter. I am not looking for young adult and childrens' books. I am particularly after things that will make me laugh right now. I will start this list with the best 2 books I have read so far this year, and I thank in advance any who may respond. The Historian - Elizabeth Kostova The Undaunted - Gerald Lund (This book may very well have changed my life)
  5. MrClockmakerSir

    Interest Check- Free Instant 90S

    Stay classy, Brock. Man, how I do not miss that game and its players. And, yes, I was absolutely serious. Even about eggplant.
  6. MrClockmakerSir

    Interest Check- Free Instant 90S

    There are some things in this world that I don't view to be simply the results of the efforts of misguided folks, but pure unadulterated evil. Things like corporate control of seed genetics. Price collusion. Carbon credits. Eugenics. Eggplant. Fascism. Socialism. Communism. Totalitarianism. Bureaucracy. Hillary Clinton. And Blizzard Entertainment. I don't have time to post any greater details; I think I've posted plenty on this topic before on these forums.
  7. MrClockmakerSir

    Interest Check- Free Instant 90S

    I would not log back in to that game or any other blizzard product even if I were paid to.
  8. MrClockmakerSir

    Elder Scrolls Online

    Yup. Initial purchase plus subscription = no ESO for Loco. I played in a beta, haven't bothered much with the last 2 of them.
  9. MrClockmakerSir

    Anyone Use Gaming Keypads?

    I have been using the same Nostromo n52 now for a decade. I literally can't play games without it anymore. I have never used the keyboard to play ANY MMO- the n52 is all I know. I have a friend who bought the G13, and he immediately disliked it once he got it home and began trying to use it. I've not heard of the other one you're considering, but I haven't looked at them since my 10 year old n52 still works brilliantly.
  10. MrClockmakerSir

    War Thunder

    I must say, I do like this game so far. I haven't learned all the ins and outs of the research window and plane management, but the flight is very good. I was particularly impressed with how detailed and well done the animation is when you accidentally clip off part of a wing and end up in a very slow, yet unavoidable, death spiral. I think I was airborne for a solid 3 minutes once before ending in a violent fiery catastrophic deconstruction. My handle in the game is the same as here, MrClockmakerSir.
  11. MrClockmakerSir

    War Thunder

    I looked into this game a couple months ago, and with a bit more polish I think I'd like it. I share your history with Crimson Skies. I wore out a controller with that game alone, and I have NEVER found its equal. If I could find it and run it again, I would not hesitate. Man, I loved that game!!! Edit: I lied. The game I tried out was World of Warplanes. I will go check out war thunder right now.
  12. MrClockmakerSir

    Escape From Lion's Arch

    Write this day down in history: I COMPLETELY AGREE WITH KEV!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. MrClockmakerSir

    Is Our Guild Still Alive?

    And some folks just don't have any reason whatsoever to log in. Check mumble... no one's on. Check guild chat... not a word. Check guild forums... not a post. Check the game updates... nope it still is lousy (8 weeks straight and counting). Sorry to say it, but browsing youtube and watching twitter is more entertaining than the game and guild right now.
  14. MrClockmakerSir


  15. MrClockmakerSir

    Interesting Gemstore Stuff.

    Looks like a blatant money grab from the players in the game who will actually fall for this garbage. Preying on suckers... WTG ArenaNet. Class acts.