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  1. Corranas

    WoW Classic

    Hi Jaerlath, You talking Retail game or Classic? I've been playing Classic on Westfall server. I think the old LDS guild is still alive on Vek'nilash, but no active GM.
  2. Corranas

    WoW Classic

    So I have been enjoying the Classic version much more than I thought I would. The old school grind is a challenge, but has brought back some fond memories. General chat is unbearable, so they've pretty much nailed the original experience :). My son and I are playing on Thunderfurry PvP server. Anybody else checking it out?
  3. Corranas

    Anybody Playing?

    So I didn't really plan on playing the Battle For Atheroth expansion, but my son talked me into it. There is a new feature called "communities" that allows you to create essentially a private chat server similar to Discord, Google Hangouts, Slack, etc. It works across servers and guilds, so no need to change servers or leave your current guild to participate. Supposedly you can use it to create questing groups, run dungeons, not sure if it works with raid dungeons. I don't have big plans for it right now. I just thought I'd see who might be interested. I took a page from the SWTOR guild and created one called Stormwind First Ward. If you are interested in being invited let me know. Unfortunately it is faction based, so this one is for Alliance side. Hopefully Blizzard eventually makes it faction neutral. If you want an invite either contact Corranas (Vek'Nilash Server) or send me a PM here or just post a reply here.
  4. Corranas

    Tabletop Rpgs Using Online Interfaces

    Cool Gicker. I'll check out the fantasy grounds thing. I've been using Maptool which is free, but haven't tried using it remotely yet. I could work around your schedule and could probably convince my son to join in as well.
  5. Corranas

    Tabletop Rpgs Using Online Interfaces

    Hi Shrimp, glad you posted about this. I was thinking about posting something as well. Been playng a DD 5E campaign with my son and his friends. wanted to see if there was more interested in table topping. I sent you a pm.
  6. Corranas

    Eve Online

    Now that Eve Online is on Steam and has a free to play component, I was wondering if anyone is playing or knows anyone who is playing. I'm in search of a corp that has chat channels and comms that won't make my ears bleed. If you are playing, feel free to drop my toon a line in game or on here. (Brissack in game)
  7. Corranas

    What's Everyone Playing These Days?

    Kind of therapeutic seeing that I'm not the only one that misses the good old days. I'm actually in the opposite boat being a mostly empty nester now. But even with extra time I still have a hard time staying focused on MMO's. We got an Xbox One for Christmas and that has opened up a fun new world. Star Wars Battlefront (mind blowing graphics) Diablo III (I stayed away from this game because of the contotation, but the storyline has been refreshingly positive so far) And now Ark Survival Evolved is my new vice. Any other Xboxers out there?
  8. Corranas

    Star Citizen - For You Wing Commander Fans

    Haven't seen any updates in awhile, how is the beta going? Any updates on full release?
  9. Corranas

    D&d Next/5Th Edition/whatever. Who Wants To Play?

    Been getting more familiar with the books, even writing some house rules for crafting, etc. Whenever folks are freed up for time I'd live to join up with a group.
  10. Corranas

    D&d Next/5Th Edition/whatever. Who Wants To Play?

    On a whim I bought the books (5E) a few weeks ago. I've just started a campaign for my son (he's running 4 characters which is a bit cumbersome). I've been thinking about starting a group or joining an existing group in the SLC area. How is this group going?
  11. Corranas

    Any Alliance Players?

    Been thinking about getting WoD to get the free 90. I am also curious who is still out there playing Alliance. Has anyone found a critical mass of players or a guild they like on any server? I've been goofing around on Lightbringer on my son's account. Seems like a good server, but haven't found a guild I like yet. Anyone else have any luck?
  12. If you are old enough to remember Wing Commander you might find this game interesting. It is Chris Roberts new project for a super MMO Space Sim. A friend pointed it out to me today. It does look interesting, although it is pricy to get into the beta. $40 pledge for just the basic ship. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/about-the-game
  13. The bounty system sounds pretty cool too. I want to get my bounty hunter up to level 15 so I can try it out.
  14. Corranas

    Blizzcon 2013

    Meh, all this expansion content and I'm still hoping for a trailer or something for Titan. Has that been scrapped?