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    Site Redesign and Migration

    Actually, you're looking for "View New Content". Do a Find and you'll see where it is. Edit: didn't realize who I was logged in as. -Jandar
  2. mobadmin

    MoB Beginnings

    For years, members of the Mormon Battalion Community have been trying to get a history put together about the original Mormon Battalion Guild in Guild Wars. To my knowledge, that has never occured. So in hopes of spurring that history, I'll be presenting a brief history based on my own facts, whether they're accurate or not. Hopefully this spurs a desire by someone with a better memory than mine (and who doesn't have that?!) to write up that history for all to see. A long time ago (May 2005), two lonely Canadians, sick of another long cold winter had finally gotten their hands on the greatest game of all-time, Guild Wars. These two Canadians were Crom the Red and Drake Striker. Tired of wandering the land of Tyria alone with nothing more than a tuque, they decided to start a guild and named it Mormon Battalion. Wandering from city to city (or outpost to outpost), they announced their presence with the ever familiar, "Do you know the Brother of Jared?". The guild quickly grew to maximum capacity. It had sister guilds as well as several other guilds joining the Alliance. Today, many of the original veteran members are still around. Some have branched out into playing other games. Some have found their way back to Guild Wars. While others are performing a balancing act between games. At this time, members of the community eagerly await the arrival of Guild Wars 2--the game that will bring many back together for many long hours of gaming fun. Check out that STUD in the upper-left corner!
  3. mobadmin

    Bird and Baby

    Gotta love this image from Lord of the Rings Online. The Bird and Baby Inn. Over the weekend, a baby bird fell out of it's nest from one of our trees. It somehow managed to find it's way under our house overhang right at our front door. For three days, the mother/father bird hung around squawking all day protecting it's young. Attempts to get to the front door were met with angry parent birds swooping and landing in front of the doorway. We had to use our garage for entry/exit in fear of being attacked by birds. Lucky we didn't have anyone come over during this time. I'd feel sorry for the person receiving the wrath of those birds.