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Mormon Battalion is turning 7!

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Nearly seven years ago, two friends (who we know as Crom The Red and Drake Striker) decided to band together and form a guild where members of the LDS faith, along with anyone else interested in a family friendly environment, could venture forth and conquer the lands of Tyria. And thus it was that on May 9 2005, Mormon Battalion [MoB] was formed.

Nearly seven years ago, two friends (who we know as Crom The Red and Drake Striker) decided to band together and form a guild where members of the LDS faith, along with anyone else interested in a family friendly environment, could venture forth and conquer the lands of Tyria. And thus it was that on May 9 2005, Mormon Battalion [MoB] was formed.
It's been quite a road since then. Personally, I began playing Guild Wars in July 2005, and was fortunate enough to join this great community the following month. For me, my introduction to Mormon Battalion came about as I saw Crom (playing his monk, Alma The Elder) broadcast the now iconic line "Do you know the Brother of Jared?" line in local chat as I wandered about Ascalon City. Jerron Blacksilver was a fresh faced level 13 W/Mo at the time. I joined up right away and never looked back.
The early days of [MoB] were a sight to behold. We had an easy 20-30 people logged on any given night, with constant groups running missions and quests. The spirit of community and camaraderie made for some of the best nights of gaming I've ever been a part of. Any time a guildie needed a hand with anything at all, volunteers would step up and get it done. To this day I recall the addition of Sorrow's Furnace as being one of the most exciting times in Guild Wars for the Battalion; we had 2 or 3 full groups (in game and on Teamspeak, yeah we used Teamspeak way back then!) fighting their way north through Snake Dance trying to find their way to Grenth's Footprint (You remember that guys? That very first group of Stone Summit with the two priests of sorrows that kept rezzing all their friends, man they were a pain!) and eventually to the Deldrimor War Camp and Sorrow's Furnace.
Things escalated from their with the addition of Factions, and though we lost the odd member or two primarily to WoW (Tantheos, Arti, Bender, etc...) we also steadily picked up new blood, and even reached critical mass with our guild roster capping out at 100. We even had to add two sister guilds, Mormon Battalion Elite-which was strictly for second accounts, and Mormon Battalion Reserves for the "less actives". Shadow Of The Serpent was our first official ally guild, and though they have since disbanded we still have a healthy group of guilds whom we are allies with. We kept up the momentum through Nightfall and GWEN, though as these things go, once the content had been mostly finished, people began to find other things to occupy their time.
At this time, we have a group of perhaps a dozen players in Mormon Battalion (I'm not sure about our ally guilds) playing on at least a semi regular basis. I think it's fair to say most of the "Old Guard" are in a holding pattern, whiling away their time in other games whilst eagerly anticipating a return to Tyria in Guild Wars 2. Though Guild Wars gave birth to the community we see here, this site has been instrumental in keeping this community alive and helping it to grow beyond the bounds of Guild Wars. And through this community we see not only old Guild Wars players, but players from other games as well, poised to leap directly into Guild Wars 2 and continue the legacy which began nearly seven years ago when a pair of Mormon gamers from Winnipeg said "You know what would be cool? An all-LDS Guild!"

PRE-PURCHASE!!! Join the rest of the site and get your copy!

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Pre-PURCHASE April 10th!


As many of you are aware, with the imminent release of Guild Wars 2, we at Mormon Battalion are actively planning to DOMINATE! We will be organised and ready to roll with server info, and guild contact prior to official release.

NCSoft and ArenaNet will launch the pre-purchase campaign for Guild Wars 2 on April 10, with standard, digital deluxe collector's editions among the available options. Anyone who pre-purchases (pays in full) one of these, doesn't matter which, can look forward to early access to the game, including all beta events planned leading up to the launch as well as a three-day head start with the online action when the game is released later this year.

The catch is that for regular and digital deluxe versions you'll need to put your
Guild Wars 2 pre-order in with NCSoft through the game's site at https://buy.guildwars2.com/ if you want 72-hour lead; other retailers are only offering a 24-hour head start. The pricing starts at $59.99 US, for the vanilla version of the game. The digital deluxe edition runs for $79.99 US, and includes an assortment of in-game items for you to use. The $150 Collector's Edition is available for pre-purchase at GameStop and Best Buy physical stores and packs in all of that and then some: a 10-inch Rytlock statue, a Making Of book, an art frame, some artwork and a soundtrack CD.


A Familiar Voice

Don’t be surprised if you’re discussing the failure of your trade negotiations with a fellow Jedi Master and the voice of your companion thrusts you to Theramore Isle where you recall a conversation you’ve had with Jaina Proudmoore. Chances are good that you’ll recognize many of the voices in Star Wars The Old Republic as old friends you’ve rescued or defeated before.
Here’s a few you might be familiar with…

Star Trek Online - Goes Free To Play

In a recent Perfect World earnings call, CFO Kelvin Lau stated our intention to adopt a free-to-play business model for Star Trek Online this year and we could not be happier to finally share these exciting plans with you.
Incorporating a free-to-play model into Star Trek Online enables any interested captain to explore the galaxy to his or her heart's delight.
We do have a full announcement, more details regarding free-to-play, a breakdown of exactly what's on offer, a FAQ, and a features matrix all queued up for publish next week. Those familiar with our superhero MMO, the free-to-play Champions Online: Free for All, will recall the solid suite of information we published when we announced that game's free-to-play transition. We'll have similarly robust web pages and boards setup next week for STO. (Kind of like this, for example.)
We're committed to Star Trek Online, we're more experienced from launching Champions Online: Free for All, we're supported by a AAA online games publisher dedicated to putting forth quality Western-styled F2P games, and we can't wait to show you more.

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