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Anybody Playing?

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So anybody playing any more?  Looking to either join a guild or invite people to create or manage a guild.  I am not a serious Raider, but I do login every night for a few hours and check out the groups.



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So I didn't really plan on playing the Battle For Atheroth expansion, but my son talked me into it.  There is a new feature called "communities" that allows you to create essentially a private chat server similar to Discord, Google Hangouts, Slack, etc.  It works across servers and guilds, so no need to change servers or leave your current guild to participate.  Supposedly you can use it to create questing groups, run dungeons, not sure if it works with raid dungeons.  I don't have big plans for it right now.  I just thought I'd see who might be interested.

I took a page from the SWTOR guild and created one called Stormwind First Ward.  If you are interested in being invited let me know.  Unfortunately it is faction based, so this one is for Alliance side.  Hopefully Blizzard eventually makes it faction neutral.  If you want an invite either contact Corranas (Vek'Nilash Server) or send me a PM here or just post a reply here.

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