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gld inv PLZ :)

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I have tried to stalk my friends list but I don't see people on very frequently. If anyone wants to add me I would greatly appreciate it--I am not clear how guild invites work except I receive many unsolicited. 

Some of you may remember me from Lich King and Mists WoW Horde raiding as Teufelsdrock or Miaferal, or launch of GW2 or SWTOR (it was supposed to be the chosen one). I have decided to get back into some semi-casual gaming along with my teenage son, and I always enjoyed gaming with this group. I see that there has been raiding fairly recently and am up for that or anything else, really.

mensrea.7605 and primary character is Bear Wrangling. Just grinding out the ascended mats at this point. Son is still playing on this account as Jameraider.


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