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Joshua of Justice

Destiny 2 - XBOX ONE

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So I know that a lot of peeps around here have an XBOX ONE in addition to their PC games. A group of my adult friends (age 20-35) and I are going to be playing Destiny 2 pretty consistently when it comes out, having played Destiny 1 pretty religiously.

We would love to increase the size of the crew if anyone is interested! 

Pass me your gamertag here and I'd be happy to include you in our shenanigans. We will also be playing Star Wars Battlefront 2 and several other team based shooters on the side... not to mention ARK: Survival Evolved (also XBOX ONE).

My gamertag on XBox One is "Ninj0shua". Just make sure to send me a message letting me know you are from the battalion so I know you are not some random weirdo... ;P

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Hi, are you guys still playing ARK and/or Battlefront II?  Are the XBox servers the same as the Windows ones for those games?  I have BF2 on my PC and Ark is on sale right now.  Would love to join you guys if you're still playing.

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