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All raid content can be done in exotics. Numerous bosses have been cleared by guilds in full masterwork (though these are top end players, so I'm not in any way suggesting that as our way to go). However exotics, with a few sprinkled in ascended and people constantly moving towards more ascended will be fine.

The order in which one probably should aim for gear is trinkets (easily obtained, albeit with a time investment, from the new living story maps.) Weapons are the biggest damage/throughput boost and so can be honed in on in terms of crafting. Armor, however, is a minor upgrade in terms of overall throughput. They're also cripplingly expensive to get your hands on. Grind your living story currencies and unbound magic, get your trinkets together. Begin crafting weapons, do Tequatl for shots at drops and be doing fractals. Then we just need to get in there and start raiding.

With regards to raiding: one thing I'm noticing and it's concerning to me, is that we seems to just be drop of the hat running. Is this the intention going forward? In my experience with a decade of raid leading behind me... that doesn't usually work out. Pugging additional runs because we have a fair amount of people on is one thing, but in terms of a progression oriented team with a desire to down bosses, I'm strongly of the opinion that we need a set night or two with set times. I know this doesn't necessarily work for everyone, but I think a core prog team needs to exist that has these things. This prog team can then help others with content on off nights. Just my thought. (I know that at least some of the members of my former WoW LDS guild who hope to join up and raid with us feel the same as well.)

My other suggestion, since we seem to at least partially focused on using discord as our main forum medium for raiding, could we possibly get a handful of other Text channels created on the MoB discord so that these sorts of posts can end up there and not be necessarily lost beneath other chatter?

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