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Afternoon saints.  My brother and all his friends recommended that I play Guild Wars 2 so that we can have fun playing a game together...


They no longer play...


However I still love the game and the content i still have to explore.  I would like to join the MoB guild so that I have people to talk to who share similar values.


My account is Lugin.4692

luginn - lvl 22 human engineer

Flummuk - lvl 4 mesmer



Sorry if this is not the right place to post this...

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This is a great place to post--welcome to the community and this site!  I'm glad you still love Guild Wars 2; there are many here who do too, and I still log in every day (although I don't have much time to play...I mostly log in and out for my daily reward, alas).  Can someone here get lugin an invite to the guild, please?  


It's a great guild.   :)

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