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Fox Blue River

Is This Game Doing Well And Pvp Fun?

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I just joined up with these forums. o/


I have been a long time Eve player but for a long list of reasons don't want to play anymore.


I'm wondering if GW2 is a good game to get started in, I downloaded the game and I'm playing in F2play mode, but don't want to commit to buying it if it isn't going to work out for at least a year or so and be fun.  Are there many players from Mormon Battalion still playing?   How many people are in mumble every day?


Also how is the pvp? this would probably be my primary focus.  Right now I have gone in to the pvp lobby and have no idea what is going on.  Is it fun?


edit: currently playing a character called vulskull on "stormbluff isle" server, i get to transfer if i buy the game.

snow fox wyoming.3869

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I dont PVP much, but PVE is pretty fun. If I were you I would just enjoy the core game as a Free player until I had a few classes up to 80 and maybe a 100% map complete. 

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