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Guild Missions

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We will be starting to see guild missions being run on a more regular basis in order to support our GH development.  I will be on tonight at 2030 Central time to start them.  Saturday evening will also have missions running from 2000-2330 Central time.  Please let us know if you are able to make it! 

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Hi guys,


I'm not a regular player, so I certainly don't expect an exception made for me, but is there any way to hold some guild events at a time better suited for those on the east coast?  I'm actually in Nova Scotia, Canada, so I'm even further east than the other east coasters in the US.  I'm 1 hour ahead of eastern, so if it's 5pm in New York, for instance, it's 6pm here.


Just a request, and again I certainly don't expect exceptions made just for me, given how sporadically I play, and well, just in general.





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