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World Of Warcraft: Legion!

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The new expansion has been announced, and the Burning Legion invasion has finally come!


Sorry about the mass of posts, there was a lot of info to share!


  • New continent: The Broken Isles
  • New class: Demon Hunter
  • Artifacts: customizable weapons that grow in power as you do
  • Class-specific Order Halls and followers
  • All New Dungeons and Raids
  • New World Bosses
  • Level cap raised to 110
  • Revamped PvP progression system
  • Improved transmogrification system
  • Improved social features
  • Character Boost—immediately raise one character to level 100
  • . . . and more

Illidan Stormrage returns as a major character- we don't know his role, but he's found by Gul'dan.


Capitol city is Dalaran!  It's moved to the Broken Isles.


The Tomb of Sargaras is the Legion's base- has portals to countless worlds controlled by Legion.  This is the biggest demon invasion ever- bigger than WC3 and War of the Ancients.


The story begins on the Broken Shore, before the expansion launches.  "Everyone who ever played WoW will be shocked!"

  • Most players (including me) are expecting the shock to be Thrall and Tirion dying based on their weapons being Artifacts- possibly Varian too since people are expecting his sword for Warriors


Artifact weapons include Ashbringer and Doomhammer- and from the looks of the announcement, you can customize them!


Class Orders are created as a response to the invasion.  Paladin one is a reformed Knights of the Silver Hand!


Player Demon Hunters were Illidan's best, sent on a suicide mission to a Legion prison world during Burning Crusade.  The introduction experience covers their mission and explains what they were doing during the previous expansions.


Need to get help from the Titans!  Searching Broken Isles for the Pillars of Creation, which are needed to close the gateway.


Zones:  Val'sharah- once the greatest Druid hub, now forgotten.  Malfurion became first Druid here.  Face Xavius, who's trying to unleash the Emerald Nightmare!  Obsidian Fortress of Blackrook Hold is major location.  Finally, we enter the Emerald Nightmare and Emerald Dream themselves!


Stormheim- where the Vyrkul went after leaving Northrend.  Learn the origins of their Val'kyr, and face the Vyrkul God King.


Azsuna- Once the center of Night Elf civilization.  Learn Night Elf origins and work with Blue Dragonflight.  Meet a group of exiled Suramar nobles and face Queen Azshara


Highmount- home to Highmountain Tauren.  Visit Deathwing's original lair!  Nesingwary will be there.  (missed a bunch here since I fell behind on typing)


Suramar- former Night Elf capitol- meet an entirely new race of elves!  Flourished to to abuse of magical ability, now pawns to the Burning Legion, and have the last relic we need.  So we need to fight them all.



Alleria and Turalyon will finally return!

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Each class and spec has their own artifact to seek out and restore.


Begin with a journey to find your relic- Ret Paladins go to Northrend for Ashbringer, Prot Warrior searches a Vyrkul king's tomb- Frost DK collect shards of Frostmourne to reforge it into a pair of blades.


Weapon's power is extension of your own


Earn Artifact Power as you earn


Spend it to unlock traits


Can visually customize


Has a trait tree overlaid on top of weapon- not as many branches as old talent trees, but still a lot of options.  Seems to me like a comeback of the original Path of the Titans system.


Frost DK blades called Icebringer and Soulreaper


Looks unlocked throughout the world, and then there's color varients for each- see skins and colors from Heroes of the Storm.  


Mistweaver monk- return to Pandaria, find Sheilun, Staff of the Mists- once wielded by the Emperor.  Skins based on the August Celestials and Sha


Ashbringer skins- orignal, holy, flaming, shadow, and lighting


Felo'melorn- Kael'thas's sword, used by Fire Mages.  Skins- original, evolved, fel, molten, Titan


Eagle Spear- new to lore, Highmount Tauren relic.  have to kill beast that killed last user to claim it.  Animal themed skins, used by Survival Hunters

  • Yes, Survival hunters are getting a spear!  Looks like they're being redone to be a melee hunter spec again.


Icebringer and Soulreaper skins themed around what you like most about DK


Doomhammer- Enhance Shamans- paired with "negative pure energy" offhand- upgraded, fel, fiery, and crystal


Fangs of the First Nightsaber- Feral Druids- jokes about Feral and Guardian druids not seeing weapons- they customize shapeshifts instead!!!!  Same number of variants as every other class.  Base forms updated.


Three more from the site:

  • Maw of the Damned- Blood? Death Knight axe- one of the customizations is a scythe!
  • Ebonchill, Greatstaff of Alodi- Frost? Mage staff, used by the first Guardian of Tirisfal
  • Thas'dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners- Marksmanship? Hunter bow- heavily Blood Elf themed but with a Night Elf customization
  • Have question marks because specs aren't outright stated, but with the appearences and descriptions they're pretty much a given.
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Class Orders


Alliance and Horde still can't work together


Classes unite instead


You are the leader because you recovered a class Artifact


Focused on class identity, all classes must feel unique again!


Silver Hand, Mages of Dalaran


Order Halls- base of operations for your class, exclusive to your class (like Acherus)


NOT instanced like Garrisons!


Shaman conclave overlooking Maelstrom


Paladin- hidden sanctum under Light's Hope Chapel


Warlock- enclave on Legion portal world


Class quests back!



  • Evolution of follower system
  • Less, but more meaningful
  • More like Knights of the Round Table then army
  • More world integration/interaction
  • Rather than just having them bring back rewards, have them give you buffs in zones or find things for you to do!
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Dungeons and Raids




"We feel like we have dungeons a disservice"!


More dungeons, more reason to do them throughout the expansion


Halls of Valor

  • Levelling dungeon in Stormheim
  • Inspired by Valhalla
  • Greatest warriors of Vyrkul

Blackrook Hold

  • Max level fortress in Val'sharah
  • Ancient elven fortress carved out of stone, now controlled by evil
  • Start out in underground cavern and climb up to a spire

Vault of the Wardens

  • Demon Hunter prison, see early in Demon Hunter starting quests
  • Gul'dan found Illidan here
  • Greatest evils stored away here
  • Hunt down Gul'dan and Illidan


  • Eye of Azshara
  • Darkheart Thicket
  • Neltharion's Lair
  • Helheim (Ghost ship)
  • Suramar City
  • Violet Hold-explore beyond the room we saw in Wrath and learn Dalaran's history
  • And more!



Happy with WoD's raids, so will continue that pattern(it really was the one amazing point, so fair enough)


Emerald Nightmare

  • 7 bosses
  • Emerald Dream, corrupted
  • Pursue Cenarius, fight Xavius


Suramar Palace

  • 10 bosses
  • Home to Nightwell (anti-Sunwell?)
  • End boss- Gul'dan!
  • No orcs!  (except Gul'dan)
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Demon Hunter!



Only two specs- Havoc and Vengeance- DPS and tank

  • Havoc is dps, Vengeance is tank
  • They have different Metamorphosis forms
  • Didn't want to water down Demon Hunter flavor between two DPS or two tank specs, so no third spec


Night Elf and Blood Elf exclusive


Use leather armor


Many appearance options available to ONLY DH- horns and tattoos, both optional- plus eye covering (blindfolds/veils) and different skin types like scales


After mission on Legion world Shar'doon (sp?) you are imprisoned in Vault of the Wardens for 10 years until Legion


Resource- Demonic Fury, some abilities build, some cost



  • Fel rush, charge forward and generates fury if you hit something
  • Eye beam, targeted AoE
  • Chaos Strike, melee cone
  • Spectral sight, see through walls and invisibility
  • Chaos nova, self AoE
  • Vengeful Retreat? Jump backwards

Can double jump!  Not a skill, can just jump twice.

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Honor System version 3


Recap of original Honor system and it's flaws- you could only succeed if you played 24/7 because you need to earn more than others


Current system is currency


Too much power disparity- want it to be almost only cosmetic


New system- PvP talent system!

Earn honor ranks, which unlock new PvP talents


First column unlocked quickly (by rank 10), higher ranks (goes to 50) unlock other options for those slots


Spec specific talents


Prestige system

  • Can reset your honor level from 50 to 1 to increase your Prestige Level
  • Cosmetic only, and optional
  • Lose PvP talents until you relevel
  • Can change PvP sign on portrait
  • New mounts
  • PvP Artifact varients- mostly dark and shadowy
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New interview out, and they've managed to say the single best thing for me after Artifacts:


No. More. Homogenization!


All classes and even most specs are being redone so that everything plays and feels completely different. For example, previously Survival Hunters were pretty much the same as Marksmanship Hunters, and Beast Masters weren't that different either. Now, Survival Hunters will be melee fighters with a pet, and Marksmanship Hunters are losing their pets to exclusively focus on archery! (Or sniping, if you prefer a gun). For Warlocks, Demonology is being redone to be the ultimate demonic minion master, while Demon Hunters are the Metamorphosis specialists.


There's other news too- Glaives are being added as a new weapon type, exclusive to Demon Hunters. They'll technically be considered two handlers, but look like dual-wield-- basically, rather than having separate Glaives for your main and off hands, you get a pair that stick together. Which doesn't matter much, because:


Demon Hunters will start somewhere between level 95 and 100- they're a Hero Class, and this time Blizz wants them to be able to jump right into the new content (which is amazing, I can save my boost for another class!), and:


Your Artifact will be the only weapon you get throughout the expansion, but you'll be able to customize and improve it with upgrade items. Basically, instead of weapon drops from dungeons and raids, you'll get upgrade items to improve your Artifact, and you can even choose its stats. With the appearance customization, there's already more looks available than there typically was weapon skins for any given expansion, so I'm more than satisfied.


Also, Karazhan will be important somehow in Legion!


Full interview here: http://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/13199-wow-legion-details-at-gamescom-interview-with-tom-chilton-ion-hazzikostas/

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Looks awesome. Can't wait. I hope they get it out quickly though. I am done warlords of garrisoncraft. I'm glad they admitted their failures from it and have shown improvements.

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Good luck with that!  Unfortunately, I've already been moving to a more populated server- haven't transferred my old characters yet, but I plan to, and have already leveled several characters most of the way and joined an up-and-coming guild.  But if you need some extra help for some events, you can send a friend request for my Battletag (in my signature)- dungeons and raids should work cross-server iirc, and I'd be glad to help provided I won't have a conflicting schedule or lock-out.

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I hope cross faction raiding becomes a real thing in Legion. The Mercenary mode coming in Warlords makes me think it will. I'd love to play with your guild Gina, but I can't leave my Blood Elf!

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I wouldn't rule that out, actually.  During a few interviews after the announcements, several of the devs said that their favorite feature hasn't been revealed yet- and everything related to the Class Halls kind of hints at factions mostly going away.  Specifically, you'll be hanging out with and chatting with everyone of your class, regardless of faction; and lorewise the reason for the Class Orders existing is because all the heroes abandoned the Alliance and Horde since their response to the Legion invading is to declare war on each other.  Again.

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So much info from the first panel- I'll skip the story and world details and summarize the mechanics changes.  Plenty of details on other sites.


First, the cinematic:  


And all the artifacts!  Plus, Combat Rogues are now Outlaw Rogues:  http://us.battle.net/wow/en/game/artifacts/


The Broken Isles will have scaling zones!  With the exception of Suramar, which is an endgame zone and the culmination of the story, the zones can be done in any order, with appropriate challenges and rewards.  This also means that all areas can be used in endgame!


There's a couple new systems replacing Dailies- a big one is map objectives.  Temporary objectives pop up in the world, and you have anywhere from a couple hours to a week (depending on difficulty and rewards) to go there and do them!  Think Diablo 3's Adventure Mode Bounties, or if you haven't played that, it's vaguely similar to GW2 events.  These vary a lot- some are like basic kill quests, some are for World PvP, some are recurring minigames (Gnomebliteration given as an example), and iirc world bosses are tied to it as well.  Other "dailies" come from faction ambassadors that show up in your Class Hall- they stay for a couple days to offer you a quest before leaving.  Compared to HotS or Hearthstone quests- you have a couple days to do them before you fall behind.


Dungeons are changed a lot- they're now a full progression path alongside raids!  Half of the dungeons are leveling dungeons on normal- they're the end of each zone, and tied strongly to the story, and they also scale with level.  Apart from that, normal and heroics are unchanged.  Challenge modes are completely new- you get a keystone for each that has the dungeon level with you and get new challenges- like Greater Rifts in Diablo 3!


Beta starts in the next couple weeks, and release is planned for the summer!


(had to rush the end, may revise later)

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Let me ask.. Is WoW worth looking into if you never really played it before?  With the new release coming and all my frustrations with SWTOR im thinking about taking a lookie..

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Let me ask.. Is WoW worth looking into if you never really played it before?  With the new release coming and all my frustrations with SWTOR im thinking about taking a lookie..


Wow is a solid game. Legion is a return to form on a lot of the things that made WoW great in the first place. Prior to getting into the beta I was mostly ready to put my WoW habit down for good, because I was so burned on Warlords. However, Legion is excellent. If you're looking for a game to try, and come in with an open mind and a desire to just have fun... WoW is still a solid game.

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Definitely. The previous expansion, Warlords of Draenor, was pretty terrible. There was nothing to do unless you were a hardcore raider. Legion, on the other hand, is amazing. Having been in the beta, I can say they've done an amazing job of fixing all of the problems they've had in the past, and there's a lot to do this time for all players.


Buying Legion also gives you a free level 100 boost for one character. It would definitially be best to level a character normally at some point, but this way you can join everyone for the current content from the start and see what you're getting into (leveling content is very simplified and rushed- good for leveling fast, but won't give you a good sense of just how good the current stuff is). And honestly, I'd recommend anyone to try the game right now, of all times- there's an amazing pre-expansion Demon Invasion event going on right now that many are calling the best event to date. You can actually try that out on a trial character that's around level 10, but it's best on a max level character due to travel times and scaling. It's a lot of fun, but will only last until the expansion launches on the 30th.

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This just got even better- 7.1 was just revealed today at Gamescom.  It's Return to Karazhan!  We're getting a new 5-man dungeon in Kara- with nine bosses (so second biggest after classic Blackrock Depths, a great change from the usual short dungeons we have now)!  It will also have an additional short raid in the same tier as the launch ones (two more tiers will be added later).

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