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So introduction to me. well I am an lds 21 year old male with 3 sisters no girlfriend or wife and I can very easily explaine my short life story. My personality? Well I don't judge anyone for anything and I don't get mad....for very long the longest I have been mad this past year was half an hour at work...the longest I have have ever been mad for a few years is one day...I am very patient and very easy going....there aren't that many people that I don't not get along with....I think I said that right...gaming wise I play pretty much anything and everything...I don't really like to play by myself so multiplayer games that I don't have anyone to play with I usually don't play to much. So if somebody is on and they want to play something but they don't have anyone to play with just give me a holler. BTW I am a reservist marine so there are some times I won't be able to get on. Also there might be some months where I'm not on at all as I do have other things I have in my life but when I am onot just give me a holler if your lonely or if you want to talk you can ask me pretty much anything I am pretty much an open book thank you for your time and thank you for readinviting this :)

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