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Link To Guild On Wow Armory

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How active is this guild?  Out of the 200 how many are on at peak time.  Also, where is everyone based out of?  Mostly US?


I just came back to WoW after several years of not playing and was hoping to find an LDS guild.  I don't mind doing a char transfer and currently have both horde and ally on a few different servers from playing with different friends/co-workers over the years.


Just trying to see if there is enough of activity to warrant the transfer or if I should just roll a new toon.

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It's obvious I have not been on here in awhile.  Saturdays Warriors, Kael'thas, has teamed up with The Fish and Bread Trick, Ghostlands, to raid together.  Due to the fact that they are actively raiding, a few of us transferred raid-ready toons to their guild.  However, anyone wanting to raid that has a raid-ready toon is more than welcome to raid with them without transferring to their guild.  A few of the Saturdays Warriors leadership, myself included, did it as a show of good faith that we are serious about our relationship with them.  Feel free to message me in-game if you are interested in raiding.  Since raiding is available cross-realm, you would not even have to transfer a toon just to raid.  My RealID is Jacobo#1590.


For the Horde!!


PS- They are a Christian guild with similar in-game standards that we uphold.  Neither profanity nor abusive language is tolerated in guild chat or mumble.  Most raids begin with a prayer (This may seem awkward but it is more for good fellowship and level heads than asking for help defeating the evil forces of Azeroth.  I guess it's not too different than us asking Heavenly Father to bless ice cream and cake to nourish and strengthen our bodies!! :P)  I have no reservations at all about the guild and would trust my own children to play with them.

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