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Horde Guild Name Change

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The horde guild has been dying a slow death of late.  Several people have quit playing, for now at least, and some have left for a more active guild.  I really can't blame them.  Soooooooo.......  In an effort to try and revitalize things, I have officially changed the name of the guild to Saturdays Warriors (it would not let me use the apostrophe with Saturday).  I paid the fee and the name should be official within the next hour or so.  We still have an LDS reference, though I'm hoping to recruit anyone who wants to join a casual guild WITHOUT all the drama and language that other guilds have.  Anyone joining must agree to not use ANY foul or vulgar language, nor make inappropriate comments.


Our current leadership is:


Myself - GM

Scott - Assistant GM (taking a break due to RL)

Erin - Officer

Craig - Officer

Cecilia - Officer (taking a break due to RL)


Please message me with any questions or comments.



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I like the name!  Good luck with your guild.


Thanks!  My wife said that older LDS members should recognize the name but perhaps not younger ones.  It was weird how it happened.  I was logging in to change the name to "Horde Habit to Break"  when "Saturdays Warriors" literally popped into my head. 

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