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So it occurred to me that I have been a member of the MoB for a very long time but have not ever given a proper introduction.


So here we go:


I have been a member of the MoB since Feb. 19th 2009. I was first made aware of the community when I was searching for help in a Guild Wars 1 mission I was having trouble with. I found a forum here that helped out and noticed it was an LDS community. Something I had been lacking in my gaming career. So I joined the MoB and got an invite to "LDS team Awesome"! and everywhere I went I AGROed! Since Guild Wars 1 I played WoW and Guild Wars 2 along with many other games from steam.


More about me. I am 30 years old and live in St. George UT. I am not a native to Utah I grew up in Kansas in what was a small town called Derby. It has grown a lot since I was there. I served a mission in Las Vegas and shortly after moved to Washington state pursuing my wife.


Now about my wife and life: Rachelle is not a gamer but a scrapbooker/crafter. We meet before my mission and dated for about 4 months. Her father works for Boeing and they had moved back and forth from Kansas and Washington every few years. After the mission like i said i moved to Washington. To give you a time line I moved in May and we were married in Aug. so it was pretty fast. We moved back to Kansas for me to finish my associates degree and then were both accepted to BYU Provo. We both got a bachelors degree in Recreational Therapy and moved to Washington state for our internships. After my internship I got a job at the state mental institution and worked there for about 6 months. Every day had some sort of excitement at work. The state had budget cuts and my job was eliminated. So I looked for work without any success. I then appealed to the good people of the MoB in search of work. I had some inspiration that I needed to return to Utah and I knew most of the MoB were located there. I was given a lead and followed it to St. George. Since being here I have decided I wanted a different career so I am currently in school for Computer Science. Since I am working full time I only take about 2 classes a semester so it is a little slow going.


Family: I currently have 2 boys Adam who is 4 and Thomas who is 2. We have a little girl due this coming April. The boys are a handful but I would not trade my life for anything without them! 


Well there you have it the life story of one Ethan. Any questions just ask. It has been a pleasure playing with you my friends and I look forward to many more years of great games and great company :)

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