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Officers Wanted

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Due to RL, Cecilia will not be able to play regularly for awhile.  It also looks like Scott will be hit or miss too.  That being said, we will need a two (2) people to "step up" in the horde guild.  Hoboken was recently promoted to officer status from Raid Leader status.  He will still be doing raids, but being as active as he is he will be able to monitor things for the guild. 


If you are interested in becoming a horde officer, please send Jacobo an in-game mail.  We are a very casual guild, so the main thing will be to ensure people abide by guild rules while online.  You will be given guild invite privileges, but must read the officers duties post in the forums that details the process of guild invites and other officer duties.  You must be an active member of at least 3 months to apply.


I will take "applications" until this coming Sunday night, Feb 1, Super Bowl Sunday.


For the horde!



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