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Awesomesauce 2.0

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Many years ago when activity within Guild Wars was fairly low, a small group of us started getting together one evening a week knowing on that day there would be others on.  It started small and eventually blossomed into a nice resurgence in activity.  We have seen a similar trend with respect to Guild Wars 2 and overall guild activity.  Many of us have been so busy with real life and others with interests in various games, but we would like to invite all of you to set apart one evening a week to join us on Guild Wars 2 and enjoy the camaraderie with a bunch of great people.  The plan is to move forward as follows:


Awesomesauce 2.0


Every Tuesday evening starting at 6:00 PM Pacific where the East Coast/Early Bedtimers will begin leading the various events.  As time goes on, the Mountain/West Coast/Late Bedtimers will join in as others log off and continue the events, maybe even repeating what others did before depending on the activity.   ALL participants are HIGHLY encouraged to be on Mumble.  Here is a breakdown of the scheduled events depending on which week of the month it is.  Doing a Guild Bounty and/or Guild Rush would be appropriate on any week to help speed up acquiring Guild Commendations to facilitate Week 4 events.


Week 1:  Personal/Living Story and/or Map Completion

  • Provide assistance to those who would like to finish their Personal/Living Story steps
  • Precedence to those who are completing the stories for the first time
  • If no Personal/Living Story steps are to be completed, pick a map to complete.  This is a great time to get map completion with alts!
  • Mapping can involve helping players finish Dry Top/Silverwastes achievements
  • Randomness is encouraged by also completing whatever events may be popping up while mapping

Week 2:  Dungeons (Story and Explorable)

  • Precedence given to those finishing up their Dungeon Master title
  • Secondary precedence given to those wishing to complete their Dungeon Collections achievements and those wishing to unlock PvP Dungeon Reward tracks by completing Story Mode
  • Multiple parties expected given the 5 party member limit
  • Multiple Dungeons expected to be completed throughout the evening, or single Arah paths if one of those is required

Week 3:  PvP/WvWvW

  • Precedence given to WvWvW so everyone can participate together without separating
  • sPvP is an option if the majority are in agreement
  • If inexperienced players are joining, precedence will be given to teaching the basics of WvWvW and/or sPvP
  • sPvP can involve Practice or separating into parties for Unranked or Ranked Arenas

Week 4:  Fractals of the Mists and/or Guild Missions

  • Precedence given to those trying to collect Ascended gear through Guild Commendations by completing Guild Missions so they can have higher Agony Resistance for higher level Fractals
  • Level of Fractal will be based on the Fractal levels of those participating.  Parties should strive to provide as many as possible in the party to level up
  • The main goal of Week 4 is to help Guildies gear up in Agony Resistance and complete higher level Fractals

Week 5:  Random

  • Precedence given to activities involving everyone together like Guild Missions, map completion activities, and WvWvW

We plan to begin these on Tuesday, January 6th.  Please get the word out and post if you have any questions/comments.  Also, feel free to invite members of other Guilds to join us, just make sure they will agree to abide by our CoC.

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Yay!  Good to know this is still going on!  Got me a new computer - should be able to keep up with you guys now.  Except maybe when it involves jumping, heights, and jumping puzzles.  Still no good at those. 

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