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I often watch videos for dungeons on Youtube.  The one thing I have not found very often is a channel without any obscene language.  Being a high school teacher and hearing the gambit of swear words during the day, I avoid it at all costs when I am at home.  I recently watched a heroic grimrail depot video

by Tainted Core that was extremely informative with no vulgarity at all.  I plan to watch other videos by them as long as they hold to the same standard.  I've tried to watch some by Fatboss and others that have very knowledgeable players but I just can't stomach the vulgarity.


Just thought I'd share this with others.


Update 12-2-14:  Ok folks, I've watched a few other heroic videos from this source with the same results.  For clean, detailed videos, check out Tainted Core on Youtube.

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