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Wod Gearing Up Made Easy

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I've stumped upon an incredible addon for WoD.  Learned about it in trade chat.  That's right, trade chat finally served a constructive purpose! :cute:


The addon is "HandyNotes".  It shows map icons + notes for all rares and treasures in draenor.   Hover the mouse over the icon to see a note about what the rare or treasure drops.  Shockingly easy to gear up, and especially useful for upgrading a specific slot.  The icons appear on both the world map and minimap.  The only option I tweaked was shrinking the icon size.  There's a surprising number of rares running around!  Upgraded 6 slots in about 15 minutes.  Also really useful for gathering enchanting mats since each rare can be looted every day.


Here's the exact addon names to install (as they appear in Curse Client).  Like DBM the addon comes in multiple modules:

  • HandyNotes
  • HandyNotes_DraenorTreasures







PS ->  Can an officer please change my forum "User Display Name" to match my main's name?  I don't have permission to do it myself.  Thx in advance.



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