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Introduction - Joseph

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Hello Everyone.  My Name is Joseph and am a member of the Shelbyville, TN ward.  Am 37 years old and I enjoy playing several games.  Mainly I play Star Trek Online and Guild Wars 2.  I do have Diablo 3 and many other games.  In the past I have been a leader of a few Guilds.  I created my first Guild for Star Wars Jedi Knight II.  And later I created my next one for Guild Wars 2. It was later disbanded due to infighting.  I than went to several different guilds and just couldn't find the right one.  There was comments made that I just did not want to be part of.  With Star Trek I also joined several Fleets and ended up with the same issues.  It has been about two years since I have been a member to anything.  I recently was thinking of making a LDS Guild for both Guild Wars 2 and Star Trek.  I went searching and found this website.


For Star Trek Online I do have a storage fleet that I use with my alts.  It wasn't until recently that I have a main character.  I have 10 character slots, 9 of which I use for farming DOFFs and Dil.  My main character is Admiral Tyberius Caine@mazeric1

For Guild Wars 2 I also have a storage guild.  It was my old guild that I formed and was disbanded.  I have eight characters, none of them are really mains.  I do enjoy playing my Guardian Damien the Paladin.  My account name is thebrujah.2137 .

Little more about myself.  I have been a member for almost 10 years.  I am married and have been for 11 years.  I have served in many teaching roles and had just been released as a Sunday School President.  I am now a Assisted Ward Clerk.  I am currently looking for work and hoping to return back to school for my social worker degree. 

I am looking forward to getting to know all of you.


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Welcome!  I play some Guild Wars 2, also EQ2 and SWTOR and (very rarely) LOTRO.  Glad you found us!  It's a great community here; we are a bit fragmented in playing different games but what brings us together are our standards and a love of gaming in general.

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