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Hello There, I'm Scott

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Hello, my name is Scott

In GW2 "BrotherHolmes.5941"

World: Sanctum Of Rall


I have 9 character slots; 1 for each profession and 1 I can delete.

Ranger Lv80: Drake Mandel (Male Sylvari)

Elementalist Lv72: Brother Holmes (Male Human)

Mesmer Lv69: Lyssa Porter (Female Human)

Engineer Lv41: Alaina Soulsmith (Female Norn)

Necromancer Lv26: David Soulsmith (Male Asuran)

Warrior Lv15: Amy Arrowsmith (Female Human)

Thief Lv12: Michael Mandel (Male Charr)

Guardian Lv5: Adrien Talmage (Male Human RP)


I mostly play GW2 with my wife, family, and close friends.

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Welcome!  (On a side note, SSJ DMAN your signature is waaay huge!  You must have found a way around the size restriction.)  Scott I am just getting back into Guild Wars 2 so I hope to see you online sometime!  

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