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Joining The Warcraft Guild

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Greetings, my name is Robert I live on the East Coast and hoping you guys are move active than my last guild. I usally love DPSing as a Mage but I am willing to do other classes if needed. I enjoy doing any type of raiding(especially low level:BWD) and doing team quests.


I brought my highest Horder character CrankVolt to the server. All my 90's are alliance, so I might switch to the alliance server also.


My son who lives in Utah, is semi active(mostly due to grades), but he will try join when he can.


Robert aka SloppyChomps, CrankVolt

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Hi Robert! 


I usually play on the Alliance side as well! Our guild is a bit dead right now over there so anyone who wants to play is welcome but you have to be willing to put up with me chatting your eyes out :)


Hope to see you sometime




Preslie, Lizzyanne, Sisterdoula, Emmeline 

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