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Hi everyone!


I just created an account on the Mormon Battalion website a couple days ago. I learned about it through gw2. Used to live in MD, where I did public accounting (audit) with PwC for a couple of years. We now live in Lehi, Utah (w/ wife and 20 month old daughter), where I now work for a company called AgReserves (for profit church owned company). 


My first MMORPG experience was with Ragnarok back in the day. Before that was mostly console RPGs (Zelda, Squaresoft titles, etc.) and Blizzard titles.


Games I play frequently:


Final Fantasy XIV

Guild Wars 2

Star Craft 2


Games I play less frequently:

Star Citizen

Diablo 3

World of Tanks


Battlefield 4

Civilization V

Steam Games


Looking forward to gaming and chatting with everyone!

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Welcome!  I have been playing ffxiv fairly consistently since the 1.0 launch.  Glad to hear you enjoy it as well.  Hopefully we'll be able to game at some point.  Either way welcome to what is a great online community.

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Thanks guys! Yeah, I played gw2 since beta, recently got my legendary (took FOREVER). Lately I've been focusing more on FFXIV. Working on a White Mage and leveling up my Arcanist. I also love the crafting in FFXIV. I switch between my pc and ps4, very fun. Looking through the forums, the community looks great, I'm excited to join. I'm still deciding if I'm going to switch to Balmung. $18, ugh! I'm also really excited for Star Citizen though. Sorry for the sparatic thoughts, just got home from work.

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