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Path 1 Strategy Revamp

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Not sure how many people know about this, but thought I'd mention it here anyway.


So, for the easy path of the dungeon, Path 1, it's apparently a better idea to kite the 3 painful golems near the end towards the corner of the ramp instead of all the way down the hall. Apparently the reason why this location works is because the ranged golem tends to miss a lot of his shots at that spot.


Yeah, it's a terrible explanation, but I (or Lorethial, who was in the dungeon at that time) can probably show this to anyone that wants to know.

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I tried this with Jerron once.  It seems to be big risk / big reward play.  If the golems stack up, it's a lot easier to hit all of them at the same time, especially with melee weapons, so they go down a lot faster.  Downside is it's also easier for them to hit the whole group at once too.  If you've got enough healing, regen, whatever, it's not a bad move.

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