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Event Overlay For Guild Wars 2!

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I've been using this for a few days, it's pretty sweet. You have to run the game in full screen window (which looks like full screen) or windowed mode for it to work...also if it gets hidden behind the game window, just alt tab to it, then when you switch the game client back to active window the overlay should remain visible. Also, you can move and resize the overlay by holding the ctrl key and clicking the overlay.

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I like the overlay, but it takes up quite a bit of my screen, and you can't tell it to leave out, for example, the temple events.  If I could tell it to ignore the temple events (or events I'd completed already) I'd like it a lot more.  Kev is right, if you want the "ding" you could leave the other one up as well.  That's a good idea!

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