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I see a lot of talk in /g that people can't find other guildies for a specific dungeon or fractals (of a specific level). I know we, as MoB, need to help each other, but it's tough to help everyone, especially if someone is grinding a specific less popular dungeon. I personally hate running anything but AC, so any calls for help in other dungeons turns my stomach over, cause I can't really help.


So, I've been using the PUG finder http://gw2lfg.com.'>http://gw2lfg.com. I know most of you aren't big on pugs, I assume due to language used in chat, but if you are in a pinch, a PUGer is always there to fill in a spot.


It literally takes less than a minute to find someone for your specific party, even faster if you are running more popular places (AC or fractals). Most people who do use the site, show extra effort on finding a group, so they seem to be more interested in a group and playing well. I only had one bad run in with two PUGers in a group in all of my time PUGing around. I simply left the group and recreated a new one within 2 minutes.


I PUGGed all the way to lvl21 fractals (can't go higher cause of idiotic GW2 RNG drops *mumbles something inappropriate*).


So if you really want to get a specific level in fractals, or need 20 more tears and no one in the guild can help atm, give http://gw2lfg.com a shot.


The more people know about this site, the faster we can put groups together.

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