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Fractals Guide

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Some hints and tricks:



Dredge Fractal Mesmers can steal the protection/regen buffs from the shield dredges (which can last up to a minute if you time it right) with arcane thievery and then share it with their groups through signet of inspiration. This can make this fractal a lot easier!

A rather obvious one is to have a thief use Shadow haven while using the control panel in the cage room

Cliffside fractal On the final boss/seal, when the boss is stunned/invulnerable you can hit the seal yourself w/o using the hammer - so you can basically win this fight in the first invulnerable phase.

Underwater fractal Might be obvious, but you can still dodge in shark form.

On the last boss, you can arcane thievery it's 25 stacks of might

Swamp Fractal Mesmer's obviously own for the first part with portal but however you do it, you can mark which wisp you're going for with alt+ right click on the map to keep things clearer.

Asura Fractal Old Tom's spinning poison attack seems to intermittently be affected by Feedback and other reflection spells


lava fractal - kill the veteran shamans on the first boss so the sacrifices don't get pushed off, and you get a small chest (~5 greens).

ascalon fractal - take the long way around to the gate (hug the south wall and head west) when you are doing the first boss, and you will skip most of the infinite mobs.

dredge fractal - pull the first boss away from the car so you don't have to fight waves of mobs as well.

bonus fractal - use all your reflection shards before you kill the last jade colossus, or else the final phase with the infinite tentacles will spawn.

Swamp Fractal If the middle entrance is blocked by roots you can jump over the wall by using the trees.

Asura Fractal - You can hide behind Mesmer clones to avoid damage from poison bolts.

Cliffside Fractal - Use mesmer portal to portal hammer holder through the wind section

Dredge Fractal - On the Dredge Fractal, you can skip all of the gates except for the last duo gate/gear combo by running around back side and jumping onto the gear part(once you are on the ledge, skirt around to the lefthand side of the enclosure and "jump" towards it, which will suck you inside).

Yea, yea, I know it will get patched soon, but it cuts down on the run by 5 minutes or more.


Dredge Fractal -You can fear the Legendary Mining Suit as he goes into his heal phase. Very useful in case you missed a lava dump and dont want him regaining a bunch of his hp. As a necro i have staff 5 and Death Shroud 3 ready to go in case this happens.

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