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Dale (Mass of Attack)

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Bear in mind that certain ore node locations will be finicky. Apparently the recent update did something to orichalcum nodes (either the locations changed or they glitched... haven't gotten a definite answer on that). In my personal experience, it seems the likely locations of Orichalcum nodes seems to vary day-by-day.

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I use g2cartographers.com all the time as I am 100%ing the maps now. REALLY helpful to track down that one last POI.


A couple of useful sites/maps:


Vistas with links to Youtube howtos: http://www.gw2vistas.com/

Crafting node map, the nodes change every time the server is reset, but this gives you a general idea: http://gw2craftmap.bteamgaming.com/

WvWvW map with placeable siege weapons: http://www.fist-of-the-empire.com/GW2-WvW-Map.html

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I too have noticed ore locations changing in the maps and even some events totally changing from a couple of weeks ago. There was an event in Queensdale where the water was getting poisoned...now the bandits are destroying the pipes. I think ANET is really committed to making this game as dynamic as they can...one more reason I love it!


Also, thanks for the links Kozak and info Luregas.

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