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Mumble Issue

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I am used to other voice servers and I am excited to use Mumble but I am not getting the Mumble cert. to allow me to type a password to import the cert. Was I supposed to use my personal email and name to create a cert? I have the correct Mumble address and I have the Mumble password givin me by the MOD's but I can not get connected to the MOB Mumble server. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



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You must be running 1.2.3a. If you aren't, then uninstall Mumble completely using the Add/Remove Programs. Restart, then reinstall the correct version.


Otherwise: Check your system time. Windows certificate check will fail if your clock is some years ahead/behind.


For Window XP: Install the latest Root Certificate update through Windows Update (it's an optional update) to fix this problem.


For Windows Vista/7: Right-click the Mumble executable, select "Properties", select the "Digital Signature" tab, click "Details" and click "Install certificate".


Installing https://www.startssl.com/certs/ca.crt to the "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" cert store should also work.

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The problem is, you are running the wrong game in the background.... Oi!


I know I know, a lot of people make that mistake. No harm done!


PS: kidding, glad you got it figured out.

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