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Dungeon Glitch Workaround

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I've noticed several dungeon groups have had problems getting all their people to show up in the instance together, so here's a workaround I've seen fix this most of the time (note: There was one group that told me they COULDN'T get it to work, so bear that in mind).


Symptoms: You enter an instance, but can't see anyone else.



  1. Exit the instance.
  2. Exit the game completely and start it up again.
  3. Log in as a DIFFERENT character from the one than you were using for the dungeon.
  4. After about 5 seconds, switch back to your original character.
  5. Enter the instance (Note: You may have to actually walk up to the instance door itself rather than waiting for the "do you want to join your party" prompt).

If all goes well, this should get your group to be together and plow forward through the dungeon. Good luck, and pray that a game breaking glitch doesn't hit the boss fights. =P

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