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F2P Achievement List

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  • Can be done on your own with minimal or no true effort. Might take long time spans but still soloable.
  • Will require either the help of a P2P/High level or long time spans and determination.
  • Will require either the help of large group of P2P/High levels or purchasing additional Blizzard products.

General: 21/67 - 210Pts



Stable Keeper (10)

Going Down? (10)

It's Happy Hour Somewhere (10)

Shave and Haircut (10)

Level 20 (2x10)

Giddy Up! (10)

Got My Mind on Money (7x10)

Ten Tabards (10)

Well Read (10)

Tastes Like Chicken (10)

Shop Smart, Shop Pet…Smart (4x10)


Quests: 22/127 - 220Pts


500 Quests Completed (4x10)

A Simple Request (10)

5 Dungeon Quests Completed (10)

Silverpine Forest Quests (10)

Ghostlands Quests (10)

Hillsbrad Foothills Quests (10)

Azshara Quests (10)

Glutton for Shadowy Punishment (10)

Glutton for Icy Punishment (10)

Glutton for Fiery Punishment (10)

Joy Ride (10)

Northen Barrens Quests (10)

Ashenvale Quests (10)

2500 Daily Quests Complete (6x10)


Exploration: 60/80 - 645Pts


Surveying the Damage (10)

Eastern Kingdoms Zones (25x10)

Kalimdor Zones (21x10)

Outland Zones (7x10)

Medium Rare (10)

Stood in the Fire (10)

Explore Eastern Kingdoms (25)

Explore Kalimdor (25)

Explore Outland (25)

From Hell's Heart I Stab at Thee (10)


Player vs. Player: 57/227 - 660Pts


That Takes Class (10)

Gurubashi Arena Master (10)

Make Love, Not Warcraft (10)

Duel-icious (10)

Know They Enemy (10)

Freedom of the Horde (10)

The Grim Reaper (10)

Wrecking Ball (10)

15 Arathi Basic Achievements (205)

15 Warsong Gulch Achievements (175)

Gurubashi Arena Grand Master (10)

250000 Honorable Kills (10x10)

City Defender (10)

Wrath of the Horde (10)

Storming Stormwind (10)

Overthrow the council (10)

Immortal No More (10)

Putting Out the Light (10)

For the Horde (20)

Damage Control (10)


Dungeons & Raids: 7/539 - 70Pts


Deadmines (10)

Ragefire Chasm (10)

Stormwind Stockade (10)

Blackfathom Deeps (10)

Wailing Caverns (10)

Shadowfang Keep (10)

Gnomeregan (10)


Professions: 43/113 - 440Pts


Cooking: 15/36 - 150Pts

Lets Do Lunch: Orgrimmar (10)

Lets Do Lunch: Thunder Bluff (10)

Lets Do Lunch: Undercity (10)

Captain Rumsey's Lager (10)

100 Cooking Awards (5x10)

Lunch Lady (10)

A Bunch of Lunch (10)

Master Cook (4x10)


Fishing: 24/39 - 250Pts

Fish or Cut Bait: Thunder Bluff (10)

Fish or Cut Bait: Orgrimmar (10)

Fish or Cut Bait: Undercity (10)

Gone Fishin' (10)

One that Didn't Get Away (10)

Master Fisherman (4x10)

1000 Fish (6x10)

The Fishing Diplomat (10)

Fish Don't Leave Footprints (10)

The Old Gnome and the Sea (10)

The Scavenger (10)

Master Angler of Azeroth (20)

Old Crafty (10)

Old Ironjaw (10)

Outland Angler (10)

Turtles All theWay Down (10)


First Aid: 4/9 - 40Pts

Master in First Aid (4x10)


Reputation: 9/54 - 120Pts


Ambassador of the Horde (10)

10 Exalted Reputations (3x10)

The Diplomat (25)

The Argent Dawn (10)

They Love Me in That Tunnel (15)

Mag'har of Draenor (15)

The Czar of Sporeggar (15)


World Events: 92/143 - 920Pts


The Captain's Booty (10)


Noble Gardener (10)

- Noblegarden Achievements (10x10)


Dead Man's Part (10)


50 Coin of Ancestry (5x10)

Lunar Festival Finery (10)

The Rocket's Red Glare (10)

Frenzied Firecracker (10)

Elune's Blessing (10)

Elders of the Eastern Kingdoms (10)

Elders of Kalimdor (10)

Elders of the Horde (10)

Elders of the Alliance (10)


Be Mine! (10)

Charming (10)

Fistful of Love (10)

Flirt with Disaster (10)

Levely Luck Is On Your Side (10)

My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose (10)

Nation of Adoration (10)

Perma-Peddle (10)

The Rocket's Pink Glare (10)

Shafted (10)

Sweet Tooth (10)

Tough Love (10)

Dangerous Love (10)


Home Alone (10)

Daily Chores (10)

Aw, Isn't It Cute (10)

Veteran Nanny (10)


Burning Hot Pole Dance (10)

King of the Fire Festival (10)

Flame Keeper of Eastern Kingdoms (10)

Flame Keeper of Kalimdor (10)

Flame Keeper of Outland (10)

The Fires of Azeroth (10)

Extinguishing Eastern Kingdoms (10)

Extinguishing Kalimdor (10)

Extinguishing Outland (10)

Desecration of the Alliance (10)


Drunker Stupor (10)

Brew of the Month (10)

Have Keg, Will Travel (10)

Down With the Dark Iron (10)

Does Your Wolpertinger Linger? (10)

Brew of the Year (10)


Trick or Treat (10)

Out With It (10)

Bring Me the Head of… Oh Wait (10) - Citation Needed

The Savior of Hallow's End (10)

The Mask Task (10)

A Mask for All Occasions (10)

That Sparkling Smile (10)

Rotten Hallow (10)

G.N.E.R.D. Rage (10)

Check Your Head (10)

The Masquerade (10)

Sinister Calling (10)

Tricks and Treats of Kalimdor (10)

Tricks and Treats of Eastern Kingdoms (10)

Tricks and Treats of Outland (10)

Tricks and Treats of Azeroth (10)


Food Fight (10)

Now We're Cookin' (10)

Pilgrim's Paunch (10)

Pilgrim's Peril (10)

Pilgrim's Progress (10)

Sharing is Caring (10)

The Turkinator (10)

Turkey Lurkey (10)


With a Little Helper from My Friends (10)

Scrooge (10)

'Tis the Season (10)

Crashin' & Thrashin' (10)

Let It Snow (10)

Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's (10)

The Winter Veil Gourmet (10)

He Knows If You've Been Naughty (10)

BB King (10)


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No, you just need to own the expansion, and won't be able to get quests there until 58. I used to have myself ported to Shattrath at low levels and used that as my hearth location for the portals.


A couple things on the list look wrong to me. First, if you're including achievements you have to be carried through by higher levels, couldn't you do some higher level dungeons (by getting run to the entrance)? Second, I'm positive you can't do the Whale Shark (From Hell's Heart I Stab at Thee) with a F2P account, since you need Cata to go to Vashj'ir. Third, don't the professions have level requirements? Not sure you can train high enough to reach Master at level 20. Finally, you may want to check the event achievements to make sure they can be done. I remember there being a level requirement on King of the Fire Festival when I did it, and I needed to be over 50.

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You would be surprised what you can do with a F2P account. Unfortunately some dungeons are level blocked. Most of the Cata zones are in Azeroth, so an f2p can just walk there. The mobs will kill you, but you can get there. There are F2P accounts that fish in Twilight Highlands. You can't get any of the fish, but you can fish up the turtle there.


The ones I listed were tested. Some may be turned off as Blizzard is known to do. I know that several toons on Aerie Peak have the Hallowed Title. They get a group of 85s to do the Headless Horseman, then one of them drops and they get invited to the group for a second round of HH.

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