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These Addons are modified from Yasueh's Post on the f2p twinks site. The channel used is f2pmob. The second add-on is for pay to play players.


As new versions are released, I will modify them and repost them here.


F2PAddon - version 1.2.5 MoB (considered stable) - zip.gif F2PAddon.zip (162.98K)


(for all players so that they can chat with each other.)


Slash commands used by the most recent version (so you can make macros/buttons):

  • /f2pq - show/hide the premade queuing window/PvP window.
  • /f2pq reset - clear the player list in the premade queuing window.


* Fixed to work with WoW patch 4.3



* While the automatic subscribing of chat windows to show the channel may not be reliable down to a Blizzard API function providing unreliable data, the addon will now give a warning if it is recieveing messages, but a chat window is not subscribed to show them in.

* The command '/f2pq reset' will now clear all the names from the F2PQ window before a group queues, in case there are some names already in the list who aren't in your group. These are caused by people DCing/logging out while queued (sorry, you'll need another macro to go with your '/f2pq' one until I learn a bit more about interface coding).

* Also rejects whispers sent by people who have joined the channel who are levels 1, 2 or 24 (the trolls can be flaming away, but no-one will even see it).

* Fixes the bug in 1.2.3b where dinging 3 or 25 didn't stop people from blocking your chat messsages. You now send an announcement if you ding those levels, so other players can immediately get your current level from /who.


1.2.3b MoB version. Uses f2pmob for channel when on Kae'Thas.


As 1.2.1b was running for several days without throwing up error messages (that haven't been fixed in 1.2.2b), and was the core to this, I'm making this a 'required' release. You can still use the older versions of the addon, just that with the achievement code enabled you'll be getting unformatted achievement notifications from people with newer versions.


1.2.x combined a number of the previous addons, fixes a few problems, and adds the additional core feature of a database containing information about characters, which the addon can refer to, enabling the addition of several new features in future (If you want to see exactly what data it's collecting, it saves it all in [your WoW folder]\WTF\Account\[your account name]\SavedVariables\F2PAddon.lua).


F2PQ is now a part of this version, and can be accessed using the /f2pq chat command.


The new F2PAchi code which handles different language WoW clients better has been enabled in this version, but due to differences between the old and the new addons, errors will be shown whenever someone gets an achievement with an addon using a different method of sending achievement notifications. This will be fixed for the 1.2.x series with 1.2.3b. Older versions won't be fixed.


F2PI - version 1.1.1 - zip.gif F2PI.zip (1.21K)


(for payed accounts only)


This is basically Dragonsblood's addon (http://www.twinkinfo...-premade-maker/) with a few modifications I made:


The commands to whisper to someone running this are:


inv - request an invite to group with the person running the addon.

lead - request that you be given lead of the group when the inviter is asked to leave (otherwise the default is the first person to accept an invite) .

close - ask the leader to leave the group, and pass lead.

raid - remove the automatic limit to 5 group members (once the inviter has invited 5 people, they will automatically drop group and pass lead).



If you are the person running the addon:


/f2pi - Enable/disable the addon.

/f2pi fish - Fishing competition mode (same command to disable). The 5 person limit is removed, and the lead and close commands no longer do anything. Allows for up to 39 people to join, in order to see each other's locations on the map.



Change log:



* Fixed to work with WoW patch 4.3

* When the inviter leaves the group, the addon now broadcasts to the chat channel the names of the people left in the group, along with who the new leader is.



* Major re-write to support automatic closing of groups once the 5 intended party members are present (reforming groups between premade BGs took longer than necessary, as gorups were overflowing). New commands used as a result.

* Now automatically disables if run on an F2P account.

* Added fishing comp. mode.



* There was an omission in the Lua manual regarding escaping special characters, so 1.0.4 was hiding any outgoing whispers with [, F, 2, P, I, or ] in them. It now correctly only hides the ones with [F2PI] in them.



* Now automatically declines invites should you be queued for BGs/LFG. The disable function is still included though.

* No longer displays the outgoing messages sent by the addon. Only the players asking for an invite will see them.


1.0.3 (downloaded 19 times)

* Fixes a problem where if 2 people were running it, and one of them whispered the other with a variation on 'inv' both their addons would get stuck in a loop, seeing as their messages to each other contained 'inv', triggering an automatic response from the receiving addon. The addon now ignores messages from other addons.


Originally posted on TwinkInfo.

Edited by Grrthump

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Tested the add-on and it is working as intended. The channel is set to f2pmob and it actually blocks players that are below level 3 and level 24. They did this to stop level 24 twinks from spamming the f2play channel with either their toons or quickly made alts.


If I could get some players, free to play and regular players to install the add ons, that would be great. Remember to add notes to toons in your friends list that you do not wish to lose as it uses this to allow whispers and chat amongst players. This does not affect Real ID friends.


If you use these add ons outside of Kael'thas, they will use the default channel of f2ptwink. Also, if you have troubles with seeing any chat from f2pmob, check to make sure that it appears in your global channels and that it is checked as active.

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Grrthump, do we know these addons are approved by Blizzard? They do seem to violate the user agreement somewhat by emulating existing in-game functions, and getting around the free to play chat restrictions. Earlier versions of these have been banned by Blizzard, according to the forums.

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I am confused Nikkala. Where is this reference to addon features for chat being removed? The player that developed this followed guidelines that are set by Blizzard. If Blizzard doesn't like something, they just turn it off. The site it is kept on is TwinkInfo, the main info site for people who play level capped players and is frequented by Blizzard employees. They have found features that free to play use and they hot fix them if they weren't intended. The addons have been running since August and Blizzard has not shut them down through hot fix or cease and desist requests.


Most chat functions were originally removed because of gold farmers. Same with being able to be in a guild.

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From the Author at the time of the patch you are referencing:






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Posted 31 August 2011 - 03:20 AM



Blizzard have not disabled anything for F2Ps.


What they have done in the latest patch is re-enable a function called RegisterAddonMessagePrefix() (was added in a 4.something, then disabled because it wasn't working). It wasn't documented widely so I didn't even know to use it. Without the addon registering it's prefix with the server, your WoW client wouldn't recieve anything that was still being sent.


1.0.6 returns to the old method of sending, with clients correctly registering themselves with the server to recieve messages from other people's copies of the addon.

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So, in other words, Blizzard patched a part of their game that could allow malicious addons to wreak havoc and they fixed it. When the programmer fixed his addon to correctly register with the server, it fixed it. Your post has no Blue post attached to it, nor did a Community Mod respond to it. This was just hearsay. The mod does not break the ULA.

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What level is your toon Killashandra? There is still a setting I haven't found that blocks levels 1,2, and 24 from chatting.


I was at a Church function tonight. I should be on some tomorrow, as will Kev. Hope to see you in game.

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what servers are you guys on? the horde one? i was on a fair bit yesterday and didnt see anyone....... maybe i was on too early or late. or maybe im on a different server. let me know what u are on, i have only seen "thumper" online and that was only a few times, of and yes grrthump i just called you thumper

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The level block seems to break the WTF file for it. We found that out with Deb. You need to go into World of Warcraft/WTF/Accounts/Nameof YourAccount/SavedVariables and delete the F2PAddon files in there. Bug should be fixed in the next add-on patch.

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1.2.4b does fix the bug, but restored the no chat for levels 1,2, and 24. Just going to live with it for now, as it doesn't take long to get through the first 2 levels and level 24 is a minor annoyance that only affect the paid players.

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I did install the other add-on; I was missing it before, which may have been the problem, Killashandra, my apologies. I may be too low level as well; I am leveling up a new priest and she's still pretty low level. Working on that. :)

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