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  2. Corranas

    WoW Classic

    So I have been enjoying the Classic version much more than I thought I would. The old school grind is a challenge, but has brought back some fond memories. General chat is unbearable, so they've pretty much nailed the original experience :). My son and I are playing on Thunderfurry PvP server. Anybody else checking it out?
  3. Ishmere

    What's Everyone Playing These Days?

    WoW still for me , though I did play Ark for a bit , Not sure if I am going to do Vanilla WoW yet as everyone I know will be playing horde and Im a die hard Alliance player lol. If any of you all plan on playing Vanilla on allaince let me know or Anyone who still plays WoW hit me up Yennefer#11419 Justy 💜
  4. Dale (Mass of Attack)


    Yeah, I know this is an OLD feed but it's the latest one in the GW2 section. I too miss the group we had in here. My daughter hasn't given up on GW2 and has convinced me to get back in. I did see Kev, Lady and Spud on the other night and was tempted to dm them but was only on for a bit so I thought I would check in here. What do you great people use to communicate these days? I'll check around the forum for a thread. I hope we can get together and do something fun, I know my daughter would love to as well. I recently purchased HoT and the other one so I'm just working on those...been a while don'tcha know. Keep it real.
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