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  3. I will send him an invite the next time I am in game.
  4. Hello, Happy New Year to all & sundry. Hope your Christmas was a good one. Ours was good - until the Sister Missionaries created chaos! (That is another story.) Is it possible to invite my son to the guild in GW2? He is known there as Vdynrhy.6095. Please do not ask me to pronounce it, or I will start to whimper. He is known as Draakenhere in STO, and is a RM. Thanks very much and best regards Sleuth
  5. I hear you. Can't play everything I'd like either. One of these days I'll have to jump on for those Sunday night flashpoints. Cheers Nikkala.
  6. I used to play this game--seriously some of the best dungeon runs ever. But, I don't have time for all of the games I'd like to play. Right now playing LOTRO, SWTOR and three card games (Eternal, Elder Scrolls Legends and Hearthstone). All while trying to take two college courses and raise five kids. I'm pretty busy.
  7. I'm not playing right now, but when they come out with MtG: Arena I plan to play that. Are you going to be playing that? And sorry to respond to this so late...I'm not sure why I didn't see your post until now. Welcome to the community!
  8. If any of you are playing or interested in playing Lineage 2:Revolution, I've started a clan there called LDSPlayers (no space there, spaces not allowed). It's a fun little mobile MMORPG, free to play. On Android and iOS. Server: Windawood04 My Characters: Caide, Dirk & Valos
  9. I've been playing this for a couple of weeks now. Started a guild on Argonesson called 'LDS Players'. The levelling process is a lot smoother and they made some quality of life improvements semi recently. I don't recommend playing the game as a FTP player, just because there's such limited content. VIP gets you access to nearly everything for the typical $15 USD/month. It is so easy to do grou-p content and make friends, it's been one of the big draws for me, and the content can also be scaled in difficulty as well. Anyways, if you do decide to jump in, shoot me a mail to Caide, Dirk or Vertas and I'll send you a guild invite. Also still playing FFXIV and Eve Online as well. Cheers, Gicker
  10. I have been playing this off and on if anyone wants to join. The Free to Play option let's you do a fair bit, and they're expanding FTP access to include battleships in December, so that will open up a lot of stuff. I recommend checking the patch notes, they've made some good changes for the casual player.
  11. Hello there MoBsters! For all you friends who have Ark: Survival Evolved on XBOX ONE (or on Windows 10) and would like to play happy dinosaur village with few respectful tribe members... look no further! I have pre-ordered a dedicated PC cloud-based server through Nitrado (stable and always available), and we will have either a 10 or 50 slot server (depending on our need) for friends and like-minded acquaintances to play on. We have about 5-6 fairly casual players already that are on a few times a week. But the game is always most enjoyable when we can adventure with more tribe peeps and appreciate each other's creative basebuilding and such. We will have modest improvements to biggest time wasters (3-6x taming rate, 3x gather, 4x weight capacity for people and dios, etc), but will leave the majority of game dynamics and combat settings alone. It will be PvE, with friendly fire turned off. We just ask people to be respectful of each other's build areas. RAGNAROK is a HUGE map and there will be plenty of beautiful base areas for everyone. Then in the future when the tribe is established we can schedule boss fights and major tame efforts, etc. We decided to open the server to the Mormon Battalion and any friends or family that you guys know and trust to join us. So please let me know if you are interested! I will be sending private messages with login details as soon as they are available next week or so. ALSO: PC Players will later be able to join the server via the Windows 10 version of the game when "PLAY ANYWHERE" is introduced! So if that is you, let me know!
  12.! We're all ready off to a GREAT start in building this new fleet holding, but it will take quite some time to build it out completely. This makes it a GREAT time to start with STO, create a new character and dive right in!
  13. I've been playing this for years and love it. I've been a little preoccupied with Destiny 2 lately though. If you ever want to hook up let me know.
  14. Just picked up D2 and am loving it so far. My tag is NephiGidgiddoni. I don't have any of the other games you mentioned but if you're ever on D2 lets hook up.
  15. We're going to be doing a SWTOR flashpoint tonight at 9 p.m. EST. I'll send you a pm about it, Gicker, in case you can join us.
  16. Hey Gicker, we could possibly be doing a flashpoint tomorrow night (Sat). What's your schedule like? We didn't do one last week because of the CXP bonus.
  17. Welcome! What game(s) do you currently play? Please ensure you get in on the Discord server!
  18. I still play as well, though can't see myself going back to Balmung anytime soon. If they ever implement cross server friends list though I'm definitely down to run some dungeons or trials.
  19. Who is playing Magic The Gathering here?
  20. I do not buy things that I want to instead, I buy things because I need to.
  21. Hi guys! I'm khouji, the newest member of the group! I'm a Web Designer at Petstreetmall which is a website that sells devices for dogs. Please welcome me!
  22. I'm also on Balmung, IG name is Blodhgarm Uchiha. I'm with a really cool FC that I'm motivated to stick with, which is why I never left Balmung. Party finder is the way to go when playing with friends on other servers, hopefully they figure out the friending part with that. Always happy to play if anyone is interested.
  23. Sounds good. Thanks. No guarantees I'll be able to make it, but will definitely pop on during those times when I'm able.
  24. We are Eastern time and we usually play on Friday or Saturday nights at 8:30 p.m. (ish). It depends on the week. Sorry I didn't see this earlier! I'll post next time we're scheduled to do a flashpoint.
  25. Yeah, sounds fun. What time do you guys usually do Flashpoints? You're Mountain time right?
  26. Ah, you're probably right. I'm probably seeing you online playing Diablo III. When I'm on SWTOR I am either progressing one of my characters through their story, solo (I have 14 characters...some further along than others) or I am grouping with up with one of my good friends and her husband to play a flashpoint. We do that pretty regularly. If you're ever interested in doing a flashpoint or two with us, just let me know!
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