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  2. rockmorg

    Warframe Dragon Bound

    Any luck that this Clan Dojo is still alive in Warframe? Switch player...
  3. Jaerlath

    WoW Classic

    Hi Cor! Was playing Retail, but I can switch to classic. I’ll create a character on Westfall this week. What’s your toons name? Who is still around on Vek’nilash that I can get an invite to the guild? Was leveling up my old main Jaetlath and Alt Kassiea.
  4. Corranas

    WoW Classic

    Hi Jaerlath, You talking Retail game or Classic? I've been playing Classic on Westfall server. I think the old LDS guild is still alive on Vek'nilash, but no active GM.
  5. Jaerlath

    WoW Classic

    I started playing again this month. So much has changed. Are there any guilds (Alliance or Horde) still alive that I can rejoin?
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