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  3. Corranas

    WoW Classic

    So I have been enjoying the Classic version much more than I thought I would. The old school grind is a challenge, but has brought back some fond memories. General chat is unbearable, so they've pretty much nailed the original experience :). My son and I are playing on Thunderfurry PvP server. Anybody else checking it out?
  4. Ishmere

    What's Everyone Playing These Days?

    WoW still for me , though I did play Ark for a bit , Not sure if I am going to do Vanilla WoW yet as everyone I know will be playing horde and Im a die hard Alliance player lol. If any of you all plan on playing Vanilla on allaince let me know or Anyone who still plays WoW hit me up Yennefer#11419 Justy 💜
  5. Dale (Mass of Attack)


    Yeah, I know this is an OLD feed but it's the latest one in the GW2 section. I too miss the group we had in here. My daughter hasn't given up on GW2 and has convinced me to get back in. I did see Kev, Lady and Spud on the other night and was tempted to dm them but was only on for a bit so I thought I would check in here. What do you great people use to communicate these days? I'll check around the forum for a thread. I hope we can get together and do something fun, I know my daughter would love to as well. I recently purchased HoT and the other one so I'm just working on those...been a while don'tcha know. Keep it real.
  6. vazor


  7. Gicker

    Anybody Playing?

  8. Li Binglong

    Anybody Playing?

    Having someone send you an invite soon!
  9. Gicker

    Anybody Playing?

    I'm giving WoW a go again. Who should I look for on Kael'thas? I'm GickerLDS#1232 there.
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