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  2. Well the point was to practice, so exotics are fine...but definitely be aiming for ascended gear! Trinkets especially you can do with little difficulty; the LS3 zones can be farmed for petrified logs, jade shards, etc...and you can get a full set of ascended trinkets in a couple of days, essentially for free. We had a couple that were not fully geared, and we still managed to do pretty well.
  3. Sorry I missed this, only found out about it afterwards. Although, considering I only have exotics, it's probably for the best until I gear up.
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  5. Nice job on the practice run last night folks; considering most of us were totally inexperienced with GW2 raids and we weren't even running a full 10 man squad, the fact that we were able to split the vale guardian and down the splits is pretty impressive!
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  7. Hey Xel, You actually missed us. Dungeoneering INC disbanded after some major burnout. Some are playing on Hyjal, some are on Aerie Peak Alliance side. Several of us are just in GW2
  8. Of the WoW crew that is coming over, one is playing Condi Engineer, the other is playing Revenant. Currently gearing condi. Have another with some interest as well, though less sure than the first two playing Condi Necro
  9. And I can vouch for Trav. He knows the game. Feel free to shoot me a msg or something if you want to run around maps with your alts too if I am on. Kinda hard nowadays but all this talk of raiding has gotten me excited to play again.
  10. Don't mind the guidance as well, but I would not want to be liability in a raid. Not raid ready by any means, but even though I'm not the best at the whole jumping puzzle thing, I'm not a bad mesmer. Those links will certainly help with the I tend to play a condi mesmer. Still, I am excited that the guild is finally tackling raids. I still have to clear all the other end game maps...barely started on Bloodstone fen (the whole vertical thing of the expansion is throwing in for a loop). BUT - I do enjoy the game. Wouldn't mind doing the end game maps with guildies and some 5 man dungeon whenever anyone is running it. So stoked though! Let's do this! I'm going to work hard to get geared....I just hope someone who played WoW with me and raided me can vouch that I'm not a total noob
  11. Spudmaster Bob here! I recently finished my full ascended vipers set including the accessories from LS3 for a PS + Condition Warrior meta build, and am getting antsy to try a few raid encounters. So far the only one I've read up on is the Spiritvale encounter (round platform, red, green, and blue quadrants), since that is one Dev mentioned we could start with, but if there are any others we are going to start with let me know and I'll check 'em out. I also have a fully ascended zerker elementalist if needed, but haven't done any research yet on the Meta builds for that one. Lady is also interested, but I forget which build-type she is targeting.
  12. I'd like to note that getting Ascended weapons(via crafting) and accessories (using the living story season 3 maps) is fairly important for raiding, but my understanding is that with that starter set in place you can do the early bosses in the early raids and thus get chances at ascended gear drops.
  13. Alright: so with interest being garnered I can post a bit more about me. My main is a Guardian, full ascended across the board including off-meta weapons and such. Those who've played other games with me, Eonan and Eldryth in this case, can vouch for me making the efforts to be the best I can in any scenario. I take raiding seriously because it's a commitment. My history is that of a raid leader, and seeing that the MoB squad had not previously fielded a team this expansion, it had been my intention to step in and fill that raid leader/shot caller role. It's what I tend to do in games, and have had success with it. I've had several, what I think can be termed, zero to hero success stories. I gravitate towards this role and can honestly say that I tend to have the most fun while in it. Strategies, adaptation and that sort of thing tends to be something I excel at. (Please don't interpret this as me saying "all shall bow to shrimp" but more a "here's my resumé, every team needs a leadership corps") Now, two of what I'd term my WoW crew, have stepped up and thrown their hats in. (Eldryth and Eonan) We spent the better part of the past year playing WoW together and raiding over there. We also have other WoW guild mates who have been testing the GW2 waters and likely would seek to be incorporated into the raid team as well. I believe Eldryth and Eonan can vouch for us having formed a fairly tight knit crew in our time together in WoW. (This is mostly me vouching for those players who may not yet be on the forums.) As someone with a raid lead history, I have done a bit of research into GW2 raiding. Reports indicate that for people with a "raiding" mindset it is a highly satisfying and challenging bit of content. Without a constant gear treadmill, fights can be designed around tight execution and around mechanics that can rarely be simply "outgeared" or "brute forced." GW2 raiding is still in it's infancy, but the people I've talked to and the reading I've done indicate that people who have spent a great deal of time raiding in other games find GW2 to be a refreshing take on the content type. Meta is, sadly, more important in GW2 than in other games, but I do think it's very very important to keep in mind that this will be a learning and growing experience for folks.
  15. So there is interest! Good! I've recently come back, and was interested in raiding once I got some Ascended gear. I'm a ranger, and was planning on going with a healer build, but since that's filled I guess I should go with one of the DPS/Support Druids instead? I'd be fine with any, just thought main healer would be in demand. Would one of these builds be preferable?
  16. Team, As we prepare to tackle raiding content, please be aware of the following: Ensure the character you wish to play is built based on current meta options Please note, this does not mean that you must have the meta build or else you cannot raid. Use the following links as a starting point to building your character appropriately. Use this forum as a talking point on build selection. Metabattle Quantify Ensure that you have studied up on the boss fight mechanics, below is a link to get you started. Remember people... the more you know... Dulfy Ensure that you have access to Discord. The Humble Mumble server has been discontinued for the new hawtness that is Discord. Link to join (never expires) I'm sure that I am not alone when I say that it takes effort from all parties involved to make large group content a success. I will say that from my research, Guild Wars 2's raiding content is bare bones compared to other MMO's (this is based on the fact that 5 man groups have completed the raid content). As a partaker of several iterations of raiding over the past 15 years (man I'm getting old...) this is not my first rodeo. That said, I want to ensure that all involved are having a good time, that's why we play. By introspectively reviewing the points above and taking consideration in proper application, I believe we can conquer raid content in Guild Wars 2 and have a blast doing so. Please note, SSJ DMAN (a.k.a. Devin) and myself (Ryan) have headed up the more difficult roles of raiding (aggro specialist, a.k.a. "Tank" and raid support, a.k.a. "Healer"). At this time, consider classes that provide options for condition damage and raw power/precision/ferocity builds (berserker). Please reach out here or the Discord chat with any questions moving forward. You can catch the regular Guild Wars 2'ers on Discord, generally on a nightly basis. Please join in the conversation in one of the voice channels. Stay classy, MOB. -Roontek
  17. Yes please, GW2 Raid. Use to WoW. Being tempted sorely by a good buddy of mine to play it again...I am reluctant to. Please tell me this is going to I don't want to go back to paying month by month. May still play it, but GW2 is my home now. that regards....does our guild raid team have room for a clumsy mesmer?
  18. Hmmm...a buddy of mine is trying to convince me to come back and play WoW. I downloaded the game again and played a low level toon to see who was around in either Veknilash or Kaelthas. I was shocked to see that no only is my tabard grey (no design)...but I saw no one from the old Latter Deis Sanctus guild. So...where did everyone go? And Shrimp - you all still in Hyjal? Last time I played was the Deathwing expansion. I left from there but I do have a leveled mage at 85. Don't mind relearning everything but I will have to transfer him (and probably any other high level toon I have in Kael'thas) to wherever the MoB affliated Horde guild is. My buddy play alliance so my Veknilash group of toons will go there. Have not made any final decision yet....but if what my buddy said is correct about this expansion, it may make me decide to split my gaming time between WoW & GW2.
  19. I went to visit a few weeks ago and hardly anyone was on. Maybe my timing was off? But I would really like to see the guild alive and kicking like it use to. A friend of mine is trying to convince me back to playing WoW......and I may cave in. But after seeing the graphics....I had second thoughts. Not pretty enough. But it's kinda lonely trying to get through the end game areas without dying again and again (and all those heights...ugh). So, hope to see many of you all back in game! I may still play and invest back in WoW...but I will still play GW2. Excited to try out the raid content
  20. It's written on your back I told you to take that sign off
  21. Luckily you know me. Noobs are fine as long as they're willing to learn/listen to raid lead instruction. (This assuming I ended up leading, which I intend to do.)
  22. I am playing more GW2 and would be interested, but I'm a noob at GW.
  23. I'm going to necro this thread, because I can... Is this content anyone in MoB is interested in? I left WoW recently due to heavy Artifact Power grind burnout. GW2 has always been the game that holds my heart strings, but I'd really like to see endgame. Before I brave the subreddit to try and find a recruiting raiding guild I wondered if other people who share my values are interested in endgame content?
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  25. Glad to hear it. CTR is an awesome guild. A lot of their members are also in AIE as they started as a raid team in AIE. I have a few toons over there, but have been dedicated Horde side this xpac.
  26. I'm so mean
  27. I too have come back, Jon keeps making me do dungeons and stuffs
  28. Yes, but not active right now. Not sure if Eldryth is or not. I think he might have switched servers. Not sure when I'll be back. I haven't even completed much of the Heavensward content yet, so the new expansion isn't really a big draw for me at this point. I'm sure I'll be back at some point, but not on my radar right now.
  29. So I'm testing a come back for the first time since April 2015. Is anyone on Balmung?
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