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  3.! We're all ready off to a GREAT start in building this new fleet holding, but it will take quite some time to build it out completely. This makes it a GREAT time to start with STO, create a new character and dive right in!
  4. I've been playing this for years and love it. I've been a little preoccupied with Destiny 2 lately though. If you ever want to hook up let me know.
  5. Just picked up D2 and am loving it so far. My tag is NephiGidgiddoni. I don't have any of the other games you mentioned but if you're ever on D2 lets hook up.
  6. We're going to be doing a SWTOR flashpoint tonight at 9 p.m. EST. I'll send you a pm about it, Gicker, in case you can join us.
  7. Hey Gicker, we could possibly be doing a flashpoint tomorrow night (Sat). What's your schedule like? We didn't do one last week because of the CXP bonus.
  8. Welcome! What game(s) do you currently play? Please ensure you get in on the Discord server!
  9. I still play as well, though can't see myself going back to Balmung anytime soon. If they ever implement cross server friends list though I'm definitely down to run some dungeons or trials.
  10. Who is playing Magic The Gathering here?
  11. I do not buy things that I want to instead, I buy things because I need to.
  12. Hi guys! I'm khouji, the newest member of the group! I'm a Web Designer at Petstreetmall which is a website that sells devices for dogs. Please welcome me!
  13. I'm also on Balmung, IG name is Blodhgarm Uchiha. I'm with a really cool FC that I'm motivated to stick with, which is why I never left Balmung. Party finder is the way to go when playing with friends on other servers, hopefully they figure out the friending part with that. Always happy to play if anyone is interested.
  14. Sounds good. Thanks. No guarantees I'll be able to make it, but will definitely pop on during those times when I'm able.
  15. We are Eastern time and we usually play on Friday or Saturday nights at 8:30 p.m. (ish). It depends on the week. Sorry I didn't see this earlier! I'll post next time we're scheduled to do a flashpoint.
  16. Yeah, sounds fun. What time do you guys usually do Flashpoints? You're Mountain time right?
  17. Ah, you're probably right. I'm probably seeing you online playing Diablo III. When I'm on SWTOR I am either progressing one of my characters through their story, solo (I have 14 characters...some further along than others) or I am grouping with up with one of my good friends and her husband to play a flashpoint. We do that pretty regularly. If you're ever interested in doing a flashpoint or two with us, just let me know!
  18. I pop on Diablo III once in a blue moon, so you're probably just seeing me online as my Blizzard user. I am thinking about playing Hearthstone with my 10 year old, if she likes it, though. SWtoR is fun, though I haven't played in a while. What do you do there when you play?
  19. So awesome! And this is the refrigerator to store your soda in while you are playing...
  20. Hi Gicker, good to hear from you! I see you on Hearthstone once in a while, don't I? I spend most of my gaming time playing Hearthstone, Eternal, or Elder Scrolls: Legends, with some additional time in SWTOR which is the only MMORPG I really play anymore. I'm really enjoying the online card games, though. Eternal is probably my favorite because I find it more interactive than Hearthstone but I like all three.
  21. Hey. I think the only real active community games are GW2 and WoW. I'd be open to playing something, though I don't have an Xbox One. I do have a PS4 though. I was playing FFXIV, might get back into that. Was playing Black Desert Online, but it got a bit repetitive. Try as I might I can't get into GW2, which is too bad. I enjoyed it a lot when it launched and the community was really active there. I get bored of the combat there for some reason. I've been playing some single player games and working on my MUD ( as well.
  22. Bumping the ol' "What's being played" these days thread. I'd love to help the community get reconnected here! Like I saw mentioned above a couple times people seem to be spread across various consoles and games. My small LDS RL crew is rocking Ark Survival Evolved on XBOX One lately and we are going to start a dedicated private server (PC based server) on the official launch August 29th. We also play Battlefront (star wars), Battlefield One, and Destiny (soon to be destiny 2). Join us for good times if you have time. Message me here, or add me and message me on xbox live. My gamertag is "ninj0shua"
  23. That's awesome
  25.! LeVar is the first of the 'main' ST:TNG cast (Sorry Denise Crosby - you were only 1 season and sporadic guest star) to come onto STO!
  26. Invent sent
  27. I started playing this recently. It's on sale on Steam for $12 CAD (probably less USD). It's like GW2, buy it and it's free to play. Cash shop, yes. Some have called it Pay to Win, but others responded it's more like pay to speed things up, and pay for convenience. I'm having a lot of fun with it. I've barely scratched the surface from what seems possible. The combat is a lot of fun. If you didn't like old school fighting games like street fighter or mortal combat, you might not like it, as there's a lot of keyboard and mouse combos that let you do special attacks. I *think* they can be mapped to a toolbar, but I haven't done that yet. Faster and more fun doing it 'action-style'. It has a lot of convenience features, and even some afk-enabled stuff, such as afk-fishing, or auto-running between two points to build up your character's stamina. Once you hit level 50, you're PvP enabled in any combat zone (generally outside of cities and outposts), so if you despise PvP and would get upset by getting whacked out doing PvE, might not be the game for you. Gaining level 50 from 49 requires a special quest be done, so there's something there to keep you from going over 49 if you don't want to do PvP at all. I've read though that the fun high end PvE stuff requires level 50+ Anyway, was wondering if anyone was playing this or interested in giving it a try. I'm having fun with it, bouncing between this and FFXIV. Cheers all, Gicker
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