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  2. I'm so mean
  3. I too have come back, Jon keeps making me do dungeons and stuffs
  4. Yes, but not active right now. Not sure if Eldryth is or not. I think he might have switched servers. Not sure when I'll be back. I haven't even completed much of the Heavensward content yet, so the new expansion isn't really a big draw for me at this point. I'm sure I'll be back at some point, but not on my radar right now.
  5. So I'm testing a come back for the first time since April 2015. Is anyone on Balmung?
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  7. Way to necro this thread, Jerron! Glad to see the guild is alive and kicking. I still log on for 3 seconds every day to get my daily present, just in case I come back for good. That time hasn't come yet, but I remember those old times fondly. If we had a special event, I'd come back for that.
  8. We actually had a very successful impromptu guild event last night, completing a trek, a bounty hunt, and a guild puzzle, before breaking off and stomping our way through some dungeons. Would love to see more of the old gang back online! I think we had a total of 10 or 12 people playing in the guild events.
  9. FYI: Dungeoneering INC has moved to Aerie Peak, Alliance side, we are part of the Convert To Raid (CTR) family of guilds, they are family friendly and we are able to have our raid group within the guild. so far it has been awesome. I forgot to post the news here, but no time like the present
  10. Glad to hear that things are going well for you. Icyee and I have moved to AIE on Earthen Ring, but I really am glad that there is still an LDS guild still running in WoW.
  11. And I'm on, everyone don't faint.
  12. I too have been playing with Dungeoneering INC they are a great to play with, we just finished Normal Nighthold and are starting in on Heroic Nighthold. I've not been very into raiding since wrath but have come to have a blast with DI raiding and other group content.
  13. EU keynote going on now, following it live since I couldn't sleep. First off is the second and final new job coming this expansion: Samurai! It is actually a melee dps class, rather than the expected tank. Their weapon is, of course, a katana, and they wear robes (think Auron). Each katana also comes with a unique scabbard. Share equipment with monks. Honestly, the only way I could be happier with the jobs is if Blue Mage were added as a third Job, or if Red Mage were a healer- both of my most wanted jobs are coming, and they're not tanks! Only hard part is deciding which one to main. Apparently they watched statistics from Heavensward's release and don't expect releasing only damage dealers to be a problem- most people don't change roles anyway (I will definitely be an exception). Plus, all of the existing Healer and Tank jobs will be significantly revamped with the new combat system changes. The next reveal is a massive curveball- it turns out that Stormblood is not focused entirely on Ala Mhigo and Gyr Abania. We will also be getting a new continent, Othard, as we set out to liberate Doma! It's not clear yet if Ala Mhigo was a minor plot point for a bait-and-switch, but so far it sounds like Othard is the main setting. Especially since, unlike Gyr Abania, we have a Othard city revealed- Kugane. It's the only city in the isolationist nation of Hingashi that's open to traders. There's also a second beast tribe revealed- the tortoise(or kappa)-like Kojin, who live underwater and are skilled traders. Their primal is completely new to Final Fantasy (but very recognizable from Japanese mythology)- Susano, the Lord of the Revel. One new dungeon is a ship graveyard, with a ghost ship. One new zone is Yanxia- the area containing Doma. Garlemald controls it. Another new zone is the Azim Steppe, first plains area. Au Ra tribes (Xaela?) live there. New housing area- Shirogane, a Far Eastern-style zone. Guess Ishgard and Ala Mhigo are waiting for that, too. Plots not available until after launch. Also, can now place twice as many decorations. They're teasing the main theme too. It's called Revolutions. I honestly couldn't be happier about all of this. The Japanese-styled stuff, especially Samurai, is always my favorite setting, and I definitely didn't expect to get it here. I've thought for a while that it's been horribly underused- Yugiri and the Domans seemed like major addition at the time that just got forgotten quickly. Between this and Nioh, there's been some great stuff recently for me! So much for fully getting into ESO now- will definitely play more of that at some point, but this definitely trumps Morrowind right now.
  14. I look forward to hearing a report!
  15. I wish I had time for that! Programming classes are taking every available minute (as I type this at 3:15 a.m.). It sounds like fun though! Surely someone else is interested?
  16. I don't have a local tabletop RPG group. (D&D/Pathfinder type stuff). I'm trying to get a group together to play fairly consistently using some of the various online tools that are available. Is there anyone out there who is looking to get something together for tabletop rpgs? Veterans and new players would be welcome, as long as you want to have fun and enjoy the game. Savage Worlds is my game of choice, but I'd be open to other games. To make sure things are clear, I'll happily GM a game. I just would like to get to play consistently. (every other week at a minimum)
  17. Anyone here on the Mormon Battalion forums going to Gen Con 2017 this year? My brother and I are attending for the first time and are really excited. Would love to meet some folks if anyone is going.
  18. Oh nice! Im going to grab it myself..
  19. Thanks for the response, Gicker and Eldryth; that eases my concerns considerably.
  20. Yeah I haven't seen a lot of M rated stuff. I think what is rated M is entirely unavoidable if desired. Alchohol is an optional food buff. The Dark Brotherhood content (assassin's guild) is maybe something to avoid, but it's a DLC and avoidable. Haven't seen much else myself.
  21. Occasional blood (I only really noticed during one Vampire boss so far, and it's unrealistic enough that I could ignore it) and some gore in the background- rare, and very easy to miss. Also optional use of alcohol. From what I read, it barely made the M rating rather than T, and most players feel that it's inaccurate (granted, many of them want more "mature" stuff...). Nothing that seemed worse than just about any other MMO, imo.
  22. I checked it out and it's rated M...can you all tell me why? Is there a lot of blood and gore? A reference here and there to "ale" wouldn't bother me, but there's probably more reasons it's rated that way.
  23. Both the base game and Gold Edition (comes with first 4 DLCs, plus a mount and I think some Crowns) are currently on sale on Steam! Base game is $17.99, Gold Edition is $29.99 right now. Highly recommend it, especially at this price. The current Gold Edition price is even cheaper than all those DLC or even the bundle would be normally. You usually can't buy it to upgrade an existing account, unless you have a non-Steam base account and merge it with a Steam Gold Edition. I'm probably going to do that myself- it's a great price, and having a Steam copy of the game means you can use Steam and GMG sales for future additions (GMG already had a Morrowind sale that could only be used if you have the game on Steam). And yeah, that's exactly how One Tamriel works. Your faction choice only matters in Cyrodiil PvP(and decides your starting zone, but you can move very quickly if you want). You can even join the same guild as people from another faction.
  24. Welcome Nick. I'm not playing WoW myself right now, but there's a pretty good community there called Dungeoneering Inc. Can't recall the server, but you should be able to find them easily enough here on the forums. Cheers! Gicker
  25. My name is Nick, I',m a 30 year old, LDS convert living in the Pacific NW, thinking about getting back into wow once I get my new laptop.
  26. Hey guys, I start playing again a couple weeks ago. Been trying finish the heavenwards content. Sold my medium FC and house, so I'm I'm FC-less. What's the linkshell that you use again? Also, I tried looking both of you up in the player search but couldn't find you. I think you have to be online when I add you. IG I'm Blodhgarm Uchiha, and I'm on Balmung. I would switch servers to get away from the insane housing situation, but I wouldn't be able to transfer all my gil... I like all the RPers running around on Balmung anyway, makes it kind of fun, even though I've never RP'd. My wife and I play fairly casually. It would be fun to link up at some point. This is def my favorite mmorpg out there.
  27. I've been enjoying it too. Playing a level 21 Dunmer Nightblade in the Ebonheart Pact. Also have a level 20-something Imperial Dragonknight in the Aldmeri Dominion. Last time I played this was prior to One Tamriel. One Tamriel has really improved this game. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it now scales *all* content to your level, no matter the zone, quest, instance, mob you're fighting, loot you found. As well I believe you can play in opposing factions' zones without issue now, as well as group cross-faction. If you do play, I recommend trying it with a gamepad/controller if you have one. For me it was a big improvement, especially with being able to move around during combat. Anyways, hit me up those of you who are playing. @GickerLDS
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