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Code of Conduct


On behalf of the Mormon Battalion Gaming Community, we would like to welcome you to our online community. We feel a deep sense of gratitude for each of our members and truly appreciate the experiences we have with them whether we are questing with them in game, or chatting and interacting with them here on the forums.


As you may know, our aim is to create and preserve an environment in which our members can enjoy a high standard of behavior. We value the relationships that are fostered between our members that are based upon long-standing principles of trust, respect, honesty, service, and goodwill towards each other.


In the interest of preserving a safe, friendly gaming environment, we ask each of our members to abide by the following guidelines:



Use language that will contribute to a better atmosphere. Refrain from swearing, making vulgar remarks, or using any kind of communication that would detract from an otherwise family-friendly environment. On this site, do not make posts or link to information that is vulgar or obscene in nature. The use of vulgar or obscene character names is strictly prohibited.



Being honest with your fellow members is crucial to maintaining a healthy environment. Doing so will engender trust, boost morale, and will help build friendships that will last for a very long time. Items, gold, armor, weapons, fame, power and influence will all one day fade away. What will remain, if properly nurtured, are our relationships with each other. Always adhere to a strict policy of honesty when dealing with others.



Most people come to a new social situation with some degree of uneasiness. Always relate to your fellow members with a sense of common courtesy and respect. Be sensitive to their needs and concerns. Be very careful how you treat those who are not as proficient in the games as you are. Remember that nearly everyone has a need to feel accepted and included.



Along the lines of respect, we wish to address the issue of flaming. We simply will not tolerate personal attacks of any kind. Do not engage in any communication with the intent to offend, insult, make afraid, instill fear or otherwise intentionally make someone else feel uncomfortable.



To avoid contention and promote unity, if there are sufficient MoB members to form a viable guild in a game, the Mormon Battalion will officially sponsor and support one guild per faction per game. Members of other guilds are welcome to advertise their guilds in the Guild section of the site. However, we politely ask that they refrain from actively recruting or promoting in the other areas of the site.



General Standards:

We are a predominantly LDS Community. And, as such, we have adopted the standards of behavior that are taught by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We feel that any conduct here that would contrast with such principles is unacceptable.


Thank you once again for joining us. We look forward to getting to know you better. If there is anything we can do to help or to make your transition into the Community more enjoyable, please let us know.