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  1. Trouble in Paradise!

    From the Guild Wars 2 press release:

    May 14, 2013
    Trouble is brewing on the tropical island of Southsun Cove.
    The merchants and traders of The Consortium have given shelter to refugees driven from their lands by the Molten Alliance, but many of these new arrivals feel more like prisoners than guests. With the new settlers on the verge of rioting and someone—or something—driving the local wildlife to new heights of aggression, it’s up to you and Lionguard Inspector Kiel to quell the violence and discover the Secret of Southsun![/background]

    New Features Keep the Peace on Southsun Cove

    Inspector Ellen Kiel of the Lionguard has been tasked with restoring order to the island, but she can’t do it alone. In this all-new content, you’ll partner with Kiel to protect the settlements on Southsun Cove and uncover the source of the mysterious animal attacks!

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    Blow Off Steam with New Crab Toss Game!

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    To keep their minds off their troubles, the settlers on Southsun Cove have created a rugged new beach game: Crab Toss! In this instanced mini-game, players try to score points by capturing a hermit crab and withstanding karka attacks. It’s fun in the sun, Southsun-style!

    Introducing Traps in World vs. World

    Traps are fiendish items that can be purchased from the new Traps and Tricks Outfitters on each WvW map. We’re starting with anti-stealth fields and traps that remove supply from enemy players, but in the months ahead we’ll introduce even more ways to spread mayhem in the Mists!

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    New Items in the Gem Store!

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    Swim faster than a krait with our new Consortium Swim Booster, pick up a baby moa mini to keep you company on the beach, and crack open the brand new Southsun Supply Crate!

    As always, the folks at Dulfy.net have provided a great patch coverage guide, head on over and get to working on those achievements!

  2. Announcing the Guild Wars 2 Launch Date

    Guild Wars 2 will officially launch on Tuesday, August 28th.

    This is an incredibly momentous day for the studio and for me personally. This journey began in 2007 when we first announced that we were beginning work on Guild Wars 2 and that you wouldn’t be hearing from us for a while. Then in 2010 we unveiled our manifesto for Guild Wars 2: a living breathing online world that challenges convention, that’s designed for fun instead of grind, and that brings social interaction to a new level in an online world.

    Through all the long hours and hard decisions, we were bolstered by the knowledge that we were not in this alone. All along you’ve been there for us, cheering us on, supporting us when we needed it, testing early versions of the game, and above all, giving us your honest feedback every step of the way. Guild Wars 2 is a better game for all of the work that our community has put in.

    Now that we’re just two months away from launch, we’ll spend our remaining time optimizing, polishing, and balancing the game, to ensure that we provide you with the best launch-day experience we possibly can.

    To this end, I’m excited to announce that our next and final Beta Weekend Event is planned for July 20-22.

    These are exciting times; we’re on the cusp of a new era in online roleplaying games, and we’re glad you’re on this journey with us.

    We’ll see you in-game.