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Star Trek Online: Season 6 Under Siege Live

Our latest content update, Season 6: Under Siege, is now available. In this update, new challenges, events, and social experiences are made available to Fleets and max-level players. Undertaking these new challenges, and defeating new enemies, will help you earn brand-new, ultra-rare rewards.

Here's some of what you can experience in Season 6:

For the first time ever, Fleets will begin construction of Fleet Holdings, starting with a Starbase – your home port in the vastness of space. To do so, they must undertake construction projects through the Fleet Advancement system, which has projects for Fleets of all sizes. Unlock new Starbase enhancements, access new Operational Assets, or add brand-new ultra-rare items to your Fleet Store, including new starships, equipment and uniforms. Move up in the Military, Science or Engineering tracks, or work on your Starbase to expand its size and facilities. Your Fleet can choose which projects it wants to undertake, creating a customized progression that focuses on what’s important to you.
To accompany this new system, the Fleet Homepage has been completely redesigned and a new Fleet Holdings Page provides information on Fleet Status, Projects and Contribution Leaderboards.
Not currently in a Fleet? You can use the 'Find a Fleet' feature in-game through the 'Social' menu (default key "O") to search for Fleets based on your interests. There are Fleets for every style of play.

Join with your Fleetmates and other players for all-new events. Defend a Starbase from an attack in a 5-player Fleet Alert, or fight the enemy in a new, 20-player Fleet Action. In other 5-player events, you’ll save freighters from a blockade or search a dark, Starbase cargo hold for saboteurs. In all of these scenarios, you’ll earn Fleet Marks that you can use to help your Fleet advance.
These events are available from the PvE queue at any time, and provide bonus rewards if played during the hourly Fleet events found in the Mission Journal (default key "J").

New missions and events designed specifically for max-level players introduce more challenges, end-game content, and rewards for the most experienced Star Trek Online captains. In the "No Win Scenario," your team must defend a single freighter from increasing waves of deadly enemy ships. The rewards increase the longer you can last, but do you have what it takes to survive?
For "Colony Rescue," you’ll travel to a former Federation colony on the edge of disputed space. Federation diplomats dispatched to this forsaken world are in trouble, and the colony itself is under attack. Land a small team and secure the area. But do you want to free the diplomats … or capture them?
These events are available from the PvE queue at any time, and provide bonus rewards if played during the hourly Fleet events found in the Mission Journal (default key "J").

An old enemy has reemerged and taken interest in a system in the Neutral Zone.
Interspatial rifts have been discovered on Nukara Prime, a demon-class planet in the Eta Eridani Sector Block, and now the reclusive Tholians are intent on claiming the world and its secrets for themselves. Equip your environmental suit, beam down and stop them! Participate in missions that you can complete solo, or more difficult encounters that require up to 4 other players.
It has also been reported that the Tholian Assembly has been attacking Federation and Klingon Fleet Starbases in attempts to weaken the forces that threaten their advancements. You must be prepared as the Tholians are an enemy to be reckoned with.
This event is available at any time by beaming down to Nukara Prime in the Eta Eridani Sector Block, and provides bonus rewards if played during the hourly Fleet events found in the Mission Journal (default key "J").

The Foundry, Star Trek Online's popular user-content creation tool, will see its first major update since launch, putting even more creative power into Foundry authors' hands. There's always something new to discover with the Foundry - create new worlds and new stories and share them with the community!
Some of the new features include:
  • Improved UI allowing for easier item identification prior to map placement.
  • Additional items added to the content library.
  • More functions that can be applied to content - including new combat behaviors.
Also, look out for even more missions that will be featured through the Spotlight on the Foundry each week.

Season 6: Under Siege is our biggest update yet! For a full recap of what is coming to a Starbase near you, answers to any questions you might have, and what you can expect to see throughout Season 6, check out the Season 6 News Dev Blog Index series.
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