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Mormon Battalion [Mob] Custom Arena Is Live!

Did you ever want to test your skills against some fellow guild members? Or would you like a friendly, easy going place to get your feet wet in sPvP?
Thanks to a good number of generous guild members, we were able to quickly purchase a custom arena for the Guild! Yes, I am the owner of the Custom Arena, so currently I am the only one who can change the settings on it. My hope is that as they improve the functionality of Custom Arenas they will allow more than one person to "own" an arena and make changes.

To find the arena, simply go to where you normally would to hot join a server for sPvP. You will find the arena there. Be aware, there is no progression using the arena as it currently stands. The main reason being that there is a password on the arena to keep out those we don't want (potty mouths, etc.). The password is the same as the Mumble password. It is currently set up to allow up to 20 people with 15 of those slots reserved for members of our Guild. This will allow 5 slots open for those of other Guilds who may be your friends to join if they want. Also, auto balancing is currently turned off, so if things get uneven it's up to those playing to even out the teams if that's what you want to do.
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