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Reserve Your Guild Wars Character Names

Arena Net has announced the deadline to reserve your character names for July 31st, 2012. All you have to do is log in to your Guild Wars account and 'reserve all your character names.' Names will only be reserved from active Guild Wars accounts which is why they are asking people to log into their account to save your names.

This was discussed in a previous blog post that addressed your Guild Wars character names will be be reserved indefinitely. You will be required to create Guild Wars 2 characters using the same saved names from Guild Wars during the "Headstart Access" period (for those who preordered) or during the 1st day the game launches.

Any unclaimed or unsaved names will become available "shortly after launch" for everyone to use. So, you better get in game and lay claim to those character names you've spent time building and making a name for. MoB Rocks!
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