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4 Mob'ers take a keep!

When people ask you "what did you last weekend?" what is your reply? For some Mob'ers we nonchalant said.... "Ahhh nothing, we just stormed a keep with 4 people"Posted Image

As many of you know, Guild Wars 2 has an amazing feature called world verse world, which allows people to participate in full on server versus server battles. Many people are less interested in Player versus Player combat, and have not had a chance to participate, but man are you missing out. World versus World combat is NOT like PvP at all, it is more of a grand scale tactics experience. On a regular basis there are 2-3 full groups in WvW working together and coordinating our efforts. The next time you hear of a group forming up... hop in. There are no level requirements, no gear requirements and certainly no experience requirements. You can level from 1-80 in WvW without any problems, and it is loads of fun doing it.

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Just plain awesome, gang!
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